Friday, August 31

Look what the Postman brought.

I’m not often in the right place at the right time but Stella and I were for once and are the extremely overjoyed recipients of fabric bundles form the lovely Lynn of Sea Angels.

I know I am untidy but I just can’t put my Liberty fabrics away as they are so gorgeous and one piece in particular as inspired my cushion colour quest….
This isn’t the first time I have been on the receiving end of kindness and generosity of people who I’ve never met….

It’s wonderful to receive but it’s good to give as well.


  1. Oooh, lucky girl, lots of Liberty Fabrics, my favourite. I dot a few here and there in my work too. I feel it makes a piece just a little bit special.

    Thanks for the advice on the sofas, we've looked at Sofa workshop and liked them, but as you say M&S has a nice range as does Luara Ashley, hmmm, decisions, decisions! :)

    L x

  2. loving the ivy print...

    i know how nice it is to get those special parcels ; )

    have a wonderful weekend. i have fruit soaking in tea for my bara b bake in the morning! (maybe i need a new recipe from you? i'm getting way too predictable!!) xxx

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Hey! Didn't I used to have a plate like that? Did I bequeath it to you? Your lurking pal, Alison x

  4. Hi Lisa, I know how lucky I am having Liberty fabric sent to me.
    Good luck with the sofa search:)
    Kelly....I will take the challenge and find you another easy yet yummy cake for your recipe arsenal:)
    Hello Alison - thank you for de-lurking:)
    Yes the plate is from you- I'm so pleased you spotted it - I love it; I even found a matching jug a few years ago- they should be side by side....

  5. Just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog! I also read the comment that you posted on my sadly neglected "old" blog and want to thank you for that. I just started a new blog and hope to keep up with that one better. I love that fabric.

  6. Holey Moley...
    That much Libert goodness in one place is enough to put any crafty girl into raptures....


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