Tuesday, September 11

(Almost) Shopped Out!

After a day in Brighton yesterday (more another time) my neighbour Sam and I visited all 5 charity shops in our village to find blue velvet curtains for her bedroom – sadly we didn’t find any but I returned home laden down with bags of bootie……

Romania Link came up trumps with this lovely throw.

I think may have started life as curtains or certainly curtain fabric – it is pristine – for now; give Harry a couple of days and it will be grubby and pulled but for £3 I don’t mind. I’m actually thinking it’s so nice I might use it was a door curtain as there is so much of it….

Harry sooo bored with charity shop finds.....
This isn’t really me but I knew as I set eyes on it Nigel would love it and to be honest the colours are nice and it will go very nicely somewhere in the house. It’s only a copy but it’s a good copy and has been framed well.

Can’t resist a bit of hand embroidered linen.

What I love about this piece is the very restricted colour palette.

I literally ran out of money otherwise I would have brought home a huge stash of Jaeger merino wool 2 ply but for once my head over ruled my heart.
Sam treated me to coffee and cake at the latest cafĂ© to hit our village…I think that makes 4 now but here they make everything themselves so the cake was very good.
Here is a sneak preview of my new series, Mystery Object of the Week.

I'm not normally a tease:)


  1. Hi, your glass object reminds me of my auntie Moni, is it looks a 1960's amber glass decanter, o'h by the way did you buy your "buisiness" cards on line? or have you got a really clever arty farty person? i am looking for a supplier, for a small quantity as i am starting a few autumn fairs soon, speak soon thanks S x

  2. I would have to agree. It looks like the top of a bottle. My parents got a green one as a wedding present in 1969. Their one was rather elaborate and the top was pointier. I'm sure it is still lurking somewhere.

  3. I think this was the on the wedding present list for 1965-70! I have the blue base but not the stopper.

    The embroidery is very lovely on that linen. I have recently been given some embroidered pictures from the 1940s probably which I have been removing from their rusty pins and carefully rescuing. They are destined for cushions.

    I do love the way you go to charity shops with a shopping list - blue velvet curtains for goodness sake - did they have to be an exact fit as well? They will probably be in next week,

  4. the business cards were indeed made by an arty farty person - moi!! I decided I had to learn how to do things like that so spent an hour or so mucking about with fonts and colours. I recommend investing in a decent guillotine and that's it!! Really if I can do it anyone can:)
    I don't usually have a shopping list for charity shopping but I haven't done too badly.... I am watching 3 lots of blue velvet curtians on ebay for my neighbour.

  5. Anonymous11:29 AM

    I have a reacuring dream, I am at school/college/university and I've lost my timetable, it's near exam time and I've not done any work,I don't know where I am supposed to be and I'm panicing because I'm about to fail and then I have to spend break time on my own cos I can't find my friends....this dream I think was brought on by my blue velvet curtain search!! Hopefuly ebay will sort me out! The neighbour. P.S I also have a reaccuring dream about the sea under Portsmouth train station...either being in it or looking at it...I fear I might be a tad mental!!!

  6. Lynn, you did well on your charity shop expedition. I think the throw looks very classic, in fact I bet it cost a bob or two when bought new. I'm with Nigel on the map, I actually quite like anything like this, although I am with you about where to hang it, I think with me it would probably end up in a drawer, and then discovered and looked at every once in a while.

  7. i wish our charity shops had those kind of bargains...i always have high hopes as i stroll to the back for the curtains/sheets only to find lurid 80s teenage boy bedroom style duvet covers! your finds are gorgeous. the embroidered linen's beautiful + i totally agree on the colour palette.

    hmmm...your tease has been revealed so i can't really guess now! but hope that mystery object will become a regular feature : )

  8. I miss Brighton, snivel snivel xx

  9. I love that embroidered linen, the colours are lovely.

  10. Yep my hsband would have loved that map as well, must be a boy thing.


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