Wednesday, September 12

Mystery Object of the Week – and some thread

I have recently acquired a few items from my mothers new flat and this is one of them.

From what I can make out its hand blown (is that the right term?) but there are no makers marks to speak of. It reminds me of what I used to see in chemists windows years ago.

I don’t think its ancient old – if any of you have any ideas about it put me out of my misery please.

Every time I have to buy thread I slightly wince at the price – notions add up! So a few weeks ago I surfed ebay and found a job lot. They arrived today and I am delighted. I bought well. I didn’t get them for next to nothing but I have made a considerable saving. Obviously I took a chance on the colours – a bit but with our short runs for Florence Hope they are just perfect.

Vintage thread and the wooden spools it comes on are beautiful but new thread like this Gutterman I’ve just bought is lovely seen all together.

What I love is how its so easy to play with putting different colours together. If you are nervous of colour and can’t visualise how things will look it’s good to physically place colours together and see how they work against one another.


  1. Sometimes I think that I only sew because I love the look of gradations of colour.
    At my parents I have a cupboard full of cones of wool from cream through reds and greens to tweedy blacks - bought over a six month period in the 1980s when a local mill was closing down.
    It is beautiful but we have no cupboards here.
    A great way to waste time playing with thread,

  2. Hi Lynn, I think your mystery object is a decanter, a throw back (in the nicest possible sense) from the 'Abigail's Party' era in the '70s. It looks Scandanavian to me, it has certainly got novelty value.

  3. Wow I bet the drinks parties must have been a hoot if that was filled up with sherry!
    Only today I was reading about Scandanvian glass....(I have a lot of glass mystery objects)
    Jane - the days I have lost to thread! A cupboard full of cones? I think a photo should be taken to make us all green with envy!

  4. Well done Lynn, I did the same thing and bought a job lot from eBay about a year ago and was really chuffed with the selection, and I agree - gutterman threads can look just as nice as vintage threads when all together in a block. I always seem to have the right colour for the job now which is fab!

  5. I LOVE all your threads! They are pretty just tossed into a bowl like fruit.

    I agree, you have a decanter there. A funny story I have to share... I worked in a liquor store that had a ceiling fan in lieu of air conditioning. A coworker was dusting off a similar decanter (it contained wine) and he lifted the decanter up off of its top shelf to dust. This was located just below the ceiling fan (which was "on"), and the running fan decapitated the neck of the beautiful decanter! We had a good laugh, and my friend learned a pricey mistake!

  6. I sometimes buy thread for no other reason than I like the colour. Nice buy you had there.No idea about the mystery item - but a decanter does seem logical

  7. wow...that's some decanter! i really like the must look lovely + warm when the sunlight catches it.

    threads...i bow down to their allure. i'm coveting your new stash + must take a stroll round ebay to find some myself. xxx

  8. Hi Lynn, what a super buy I love this thread it's such good quality and it looks like you have bought some fab colours, I love ebay it's great for lot's of stuff
    Lynn xx

  9. Don't the threads look gorgeous together!

  10. I take my knitting to the hairdressers and it's very much the blue rinse brigade at my local salon .... yet I'm the only one who knits! (So that pesky Shreddies advert is completely off-base!)

    And now I have thread envy.

  11. Hi!
    Many thanks for a very sweet e-mail! It is wonderful to receive and it puts a happy smile on my face rest of the evening :) I see my name in your list already, ofcourse you can do that. More visitor, more pleasure! I really like the way you are thinking. The thought about Vintage thread and the wooden spools, and mix of colours together. I think you have a soft spot for beautiful treasures and lovely colours :) Well, then you have met the right girl! I wish you a very nice weekend, and you are very welkome back to visit :) Aina

  12. Karen Lizzie11:54 PM

    I agree with This is my Patch, I do think that you have a late sixties, or early seventies decanter. I don't think they were ever used for alcohol, they were just decorative.


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