Saturday, September 22


Last of the waffles….toasted with unsalted butter….

They really did taste as good as they looked.

While so many English people are stacking their trolleys with booze we buy lovely food and hard to find ingredients that are common place in France and Belgium.

While this side of the channel we seem obsessed with cheapness on the other side quality and taste still win outright.

Bonne Mamon Jams - a fraction of the cost over here, plus unusual flavours..

Lots of regional butters...

Every year I buy my favourite liquid refil form; they do the same with fabric conditioner - I don't know why we can't buy refils like this in England.


  1. I have to confess to stacking the trolley with wine, I do that first and then have a leisurely wander around the supermarkets. I love shopping in France, the food is so different and there's so much choice. The fruit and veg looks real and not perfectly arranged in plastic packaging. Even their washing powder looks more interesting! It's the brand names I think. I haven't been for a while and can't wait to go again. Thanks for the nice photos.

  2. MMMM!

    I remember getting fabric conditioner refills like that back in the 80's. Can't remember the brand name, but it wasn't one of the big two.

  3. You've made me want to book a flight to Europe! How hubby and I LOVED collecting our favorite goodies we couldn't get here at home. Those Bonne Maman jars look so fun with their French labels. Our latest hunt is for European butter... I love a French one called President's butter. Your photo of butter looks like it would make a lovely greeting card!

  4. you're making me hungry!

    glad you came back laden with treats aplenty. x

  5. JUMMY! They look so delicious!Oh, so much lovely stuff you have bought, oh,i really love french products. They are so natural, and they have the best historie in making products with just the best ingredient, first class!!

  6. I have had the liquid soap bought for me as a gift. It's beautiful.

    And so clever to be able to buy refills.

  7. I love how the French and Belgians present their food, if you ever get to Brugge you must go when they have their market in the square, it is out of this world, with so many stalls stacked with local produce from deli stuff to fruit and veg. We have been across on the tunnel many a time to Carrefour in Calais, as you can imagine John is always interested in stocking up on some drink and I get wine for my stepdad, but I love mooching around the aisles where I buy their soaps etc and the homeware is always very reasonably priced too.

  8. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart. My boss lives in France and I always get them to bring me butter and handwash. Boy those waffles look bloody fantastic. I've got pics on my site now after much nagging so come and have a lookie. xx

  9. Shoot the monkey?? Shouldn't that be "Spank the mon....." oh, never mind.

    If you have moment would you be so kind as to thank your charming neighbour for their charming comment on my blog?

    Many thanks and regards, from one of those frightful brits who LOVES to fill their trolley with cheap booze!

  10. I could still send you a few soap refills or even easier vanilla sugar... ;)
    Isn't the blogland a place to help each other worldwide ?!!
    Funny we all want what we hardly find at home...!


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