Saturday, September 8


I love charity shops. I love the unexpected element but most of all I love how things find new owners and new uses.
I am off for my annual break to France and Belgium soon and when it rains over there it can really rain so I wanted a waterproof jacket; thing is they are expensive and unflattering and yesterday when I was in Millets trying jackets on I just couldn’t bring myself to buy one, so this morning when Stella and popped into our local village I said rather optimistically I wanted to find one in a charity shop.
I did! And what’s more it only cost me £1.50. It is unflattering and I think at the end of it’s waterproof life but it will do me for my break and possibly even some rainy day dog walking.
But that wasn’t all, I found a perfect corduroy jacket for autumn in a lovely donkey brown (£4.50 Anna Shultz for Debenhams) and a denim skirt (£4.00 Limited Collection for M&S)

I have so many accessories to compliment this jacket I can't wait for the cooler weather:)

I love the versatility of a good denim skirt....


  1. I'm with you there. Today I found a Merino wool jacket from Next for 3.50. Of course it's too big and I'll probably wreck it trying to alter it - but still it was such a bargain! Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Hi Mary:)
    For £3.50 it gives you the freedom from the fear of mucking it up - I love the buzz of finding something special for just a few pounds.Good luck with your alterations:)

  3. You say you have so many accessories for that jacket, shame you don't have a decent coat hanger;)

  4. I love finding treasures in op shops. One of my best finds was a needlepoint cushion for $1.50 (about 50p). We are just coming into Spring so I am looking forward to warm weather clothes. I will be sad to put away my long coats and knee-high boots.

  5. Great finds, I love a good rummage through the charity shops but clothes wise rarely see anything appealing.

  6. Nice jacket. :)
    I got a whole new wardrobe of clothes this year from charity shops! One of the (many) things I like about buying from them, is that I will try something I may not have considered if it was the full price. Also, it doesn't matter too much if it doesn't fit.

  7. I know what you mean about millets - I was meant to buy a fleece so that I wouldn't keep borrowing Euan's (it is seemingly a bit like stealing chips) and leaving him shivering on walks - but they were all horrible and pastel purple and I couldn't bring myself to spend money on anything so horrible.
    I love buying second hand - I was brought up wearing jumble sale clothes - and it has left me with an imperviousness to fashion but a love of quality.
    You should do a follow up post of accessories . . . a proper photoshoot - you never appear but Stella might be persuaded - or the neighbour - or Granny????

  8. Anonymous8:55 PM

    I can smell the moth balls from here!! I jest - bet you got them from Link Romania...full of cheap wonders. The Neighbour.
    P.S Fancy some cat sitting....???

  9. I don't want to be sitting on any cats..... but I don't mind if they sit on me! and yes it was Romania Link!
    Jane - there is of course a very obvious reason why you don't see me....I don't know how to use my timer on my camera.....and I look like a pudding:(
    I'm glad we all love Charity shops - they have suffered in recent years from shops like Primark, Matalan et al...

  10. good score! i think you like the added challenge of finding gems in the charity shops...going with a shopping list is brave : ) glad you got what you wanted + some extra booty too. denim skirts are'll soon be tights + boots weather. hooray!

  11. What fabulous thrifty finds! My best find was a Harris Tweed suit for my toddler (it's a generous size 3 which he'll get 2 winters out of) - it cost $6.00! And it had been recently dry cleaned with the tags still on it when I purchased it. All it needed was new leather buttons (which cost another $6.00)!

  12. Well done - what great bargains. I haven't been charity shopping for a while, I must go!

  13. Hi, I just so agree, I think because second hand clothes are cheap we mostly buy just what we like, we are not dictated to by cost or colour or style, so I think those second hand clothes suit us better and fit better, cos we can be more choosy. I don't buy new any more, just shoes and underwearI know!! too much information..........better to spend on the French and Belgium flea market goodies yes?

  14. Don't forget to pack your waterproof with you when you go, when John and I went to Brugge I forgot to take mine (one of many), it ended up lashing down every day and of of course I ended up having to buy another one which I certainly didn't need. Have a good trip.


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