Tuesday, September 4


Granny had an accident!

Almost 2 litres of paint spilled over the patio.I have lost 3 bath towels in the process of clearing up as I couldn’t let any blue paint go into the pond….. ( positive angle – buy nice new set of towels) Didn’t help that today our recycling bin was empted so I didn’t have any old Telegraphs to soak up the spill….well at least the painter and decorator is booked and in a few weeks the Hudson Bay ‘splash’ will be covered…..

Some of the garden furniture 'got' it too:(
A few weeks ago I had the York food sensitivity test….my results came back last week – I’m to keep away from dairy and yeast for 6 months. I am managing surprisingly well considering and plan to experiment making my own soda bread as I have discovered even pita bread which you would think wouldn’t have yeast in has.
I even made some flapjack with sunflower oil – a bit greasy but very tasty.
Stella has finally blogged a post – do ‘pop’ over and discover what we got up to in our youth


  1. Have you thought of having a Jackson Pollock exterior?

  2. Oh dear - Our cats had a similar accident with paint last week (well Euan claimed I hadn't hammered the lid on properly but there you go) and covered the hoover and our futility room in drawing room red.

    I shall pop over to Stella's - I must admit I had almost expired through breath holding.

    How is Granny?

    Yeast and dairy - good luck

  3. Lots of luck with your new cooking alterations! I'm sure you will come up with some tasty recipes!

    I have sworn to myself that someday I MUST alter what I consume. With some work and determination, I really would like to TRY going vegetarian. But right now, with four growing children, I don't want to make such a drastic change to their diet.

  4. AlisonD4:49 PM

    We were on the West Coast of Ireland over the summer and absolutely "lived" on Soda Bread - so dense and nutty and wholesome. Incredibly easy to make too. Good job you don't have to cut out the jam...!

    AD x

  5. Thank you Jane for asking after Granny....she has made a full recovery after being relieved by a bar of Aero.
    Paint accidents happen. It could have been worse....
    Louise - hello:) I think it's great you are putting off vegetarianism until the children are older - omitting anything from your diet is fraught with difficulties, but you are right to give your children the best start with a normal balanced diet:)
    Alison - I can remember Rosie making soda bread and it being wonderful with butter (non) and cheese(non)but like you say I can have as much jam as I want!
    Ha ha Stella - I am relieved I won't have to look at it for long

  6. Did your house elf do this ...? Do you call her 'Granny' ...?

  7. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Shoot the old woman - The neighbour.

  8. Yes Granny is also refered to as my house elf.
    Shooting is a little harsh....I may just get her to clean my oven :)

  9. Very artistic - well done Granny. It's a lovely colour though Gigi. :-)

  10. I was feeling quite glum until i went onto your blog, it really made me lol, honestly i am not sure if it was the paint spillage image or the granny's accident caption, but i did indeed chuckle, then when i read on, about the areo bar i laughed again thank you very much, keep it up stephne x

  11. oh dear......but I just love that colour..... moving swiftly on (big big smile)How fab are you? I have just seen the Liberty fabric that I sent to you on your web page, that is so nice of you, thankyou so much, I feel like a celebrity,I am so pleased you like it. ....sorry about the paint though ........

  12. ooops! is granny ok? cleaning ovens as punishment?! please don't tell me you've withdrawn free coffee + cake rights!

    sorry about the food thing. the soda bread we get in ireland is gorgeous but i've never tried making it : )

  13. Lynn - it was a visit to a slaughterhouse in Amish country when I was a little girl that spawned my desire to give up meat. =O Then again, when I was a teenager, we farm-raised pigs for meat, and the taste of that pork was the best I've ever had to this day.

  14. Oh dear! I knocked over the paint can in my bedroom whilst decorating yesterday, so this made me laugh.
    Mine went all over the floorboards (lucky i don't have carpet!) and although I managed to clean it up, I too lost several towels to the bin.
    Good luck with the yeast/dairy thing, don't know if it's any help, but my family's business - Wright's Flour, make a soda bread mix called 'Scofa' (if you don't mind cheating!) and you can find it in most supermarkets or can find it in their online here http://www.wrightsflour.co.uk/en-GB/history.aspx

  15. Poor Granny, hope she got a cuppa with the aero...? Do like the colour though... ;o)

  16. It serves you right for exploiting cheap labour!
    If mischief is to be made my son Ned is always first in line. When he was about 2, we were having major decorating done to the house and the kitchen had all sort of pots of paint and tools lying around it. I was in our newly converted cellar talking my uncle who was doing a lot of the decorating, when I realise that everything had gone very quiet upstairs. I rushed up to find that Ned had prised open a 2.5 litre can of emulsion and proceed to cover himself and every available surface in it. My uncle was horror struck, particularly as his tool box lay open with a razor sharp chisel in it, but when you've got a son like mine, you've got to see the funny side . . . .
    Al x


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