Monday, October 22

Autumn, Logs, Fires and Buttons

It’s feeling very autumnal today; I am just about to start a fire…. Every week I put some money in a tin, rather old fashioned I know for my next log pile……
One of the things I like about my stove is how it produces guilt free heat, the logs have been paid for and it’s carbon neutral. When I turn my central on I just fret about the bill.
I grew up without central heating….we had a coal fire in our main living room and when it was really cold a paraffin heater in the bathroom – we survived.

What is the protocol of collecting fire wood from the woods? Are you allowed or is it stealing?

There are more photos on Florence Hope ….these are our new babies.
We have decided to sell them direct - details on FH


  1. Hi!
    A rather posh-looking collection of buttons there...!
    Just thought I would say hello as I pass on by... you came up on so all the very best to you...

    "Vol 2"...

  2. mmmmm...i must have food on the first glance they looked like a plate of sweets! gorgeous idea + how fab they'll look on just about everything!

    not sure on the law of wood collecting. me + c have thought about doing a night raid with the car locally! i always pick up bits on our walks but can't carry enough! right now we're eyeing up our neighbours skip...they're having an extension + all their old garage rafters could well be going in our stove! guilt-free heat is a great thing!

    happy monday + enjoy your fire! x

  3. here in the Highlands you can purchase a pass for about £30 a year and collect as much firewood as you can - as long as you only take what has already been felled.
    it keeps the forests tidy as folk collect the smaller branches for firewood.
    we will be doing this once the house is built but to get us started we are having a delivery which will cost us £200 but will last us for 3 years!!
    which is lucky as we are having a wood fueled Rayburn and 3 woodburners.
    tracy x

  4. I'm just about to light the fire too. Unfortunately we live in a smoke-free zone so have to burn smokeless coke which isn't half as nice as logs - but it is still cozy and I think it is freezing inside today - even with the central heating on! I keep turning it down then getting cold and turning it up again! Lucy x

  5. love the button brooches...buttons are one of my favorite things, i can while away a few hours just looking at my button collection :)

    that makes me sound like a really interesting person to know...

  6. I grew up without central heating too and still prefer the house colder than most to this day. No idea about collecting wood, sorry.

  7. janet clare7:48 PM

    Just visiting via dottie angel, and glad I did!
    I love farrow and ball paint. My bathroom is painted in 'dead salmon'- who could resist a name like that?

  8. Anonymous10:16 PM

    You could try to find a source of pallets from a local business or trading estate or alternatively ask on your local freecycle group. I know of quite a few people that dont pay anything for their wood. Hope this helps :-)

  9. Buttons are like little jewels. I just love them. We are putting a wood burning fire into our new house as they are so warm and cosy. Unfortunately we have strict restrictions on the varieties we can choose from and they are all obviously designed by people with no taste at all. I won't be complaining when I am lying on the floor as close as I can be to it (with a good book, of course). I think hunting for sources of firewood could be a fun adventure.

  10. OOoohhh! Button petit-fours! They are lovely!

    We heat our house in winter with a woodstove. We also lose electricity alot in winter, so we never experience cold snaps in the house when we do.

  11. Thanks for the message... yes it's still delightfully autumnal everywhere!!

  12. Hi Lynn, try to collect ash twigs that have fallen. They are easy to recognise as they loose their leaves lastish, they burn really slow and well, cones are good but burn quick. Our local DIY will fill your car up with cut off's of all sorts, so they are quite useful, I found the best burners are old wooden window frames, make sure they have been removed from the house first though...!
    Love the button sweets gosh you are creative.
    Thanks for your comment about the carpet, it's
    'Crucial Trading' pressie from mom... after living on floor boards for years, she got fed up of splinters every time she came up on holiday .
    Hugs Lynn

  13. These brooches look fab - they would make wonderful hat pins too.
    Who does the wood belong to? We, like Tracey, can buy a permit but it is for 1 day only. because of that people are very serious about it with chainsaws and pickups.
    Beware of some of the bits wood merchants will supply from their skips as they can be impregnated with all sorts of nasty chemicals you don't want wafting through your homes.
    Cones and dried orange peel make great firelighters.

  14. Ohh, love the buttons, are they brooches?
    Not sure about the wood thing, would be useful to find out though.

    I was going to ask you about woodburners, I know you put one in recently, and I'm thinking about getting one, I read that they are far more efficient than an open fire.

    Are they the kind of thing that you can fit yourself (for us it would just stand in the fireplace with the flue going up the chimney) or do you need a professional to do it?


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