Tuesday, October 23


I think I have lost my comments...

Does anyone know how to get them back?

I see I have found them again:)


  1. No. I'm intrigued. I really need to know .... how did you lose your comments?

    Actually, don't worry .... if you knew that then you wouldn't have lost them in the first place, would you?

  2. this has happened to me before...and i never worked out what happened, must be our clever blogging skills ;)

  3. hello gigi, having fun here returning your visit....

    lovely pics and buttons and flowers

    those pumpkin pics are great. The blue/grey ones really do look like pumpkins from the dark side

  4. I have noticed that every now and again some of my photos and the poll surveys disappear for a short while, it may be whilst google are doing updates, just a theory and recently it has been a pain to upload photos too, us bloggers are overloading the system!


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