Monday, October 15

Inky Issues

Florence Hope have been busy....

Playing with scale these are rather lovely on their own

An old favourite but with a slightly different twist. Stella and I are very pleased with the results.

On to serious matters.....can I ask for some ink-jet advice
What do you do when your printer inks need replacing? do you have them topped up? Replace with a similar brand or pay full whack for the real thing - in my case Hewlit Packard?
Just when I need to be printing off some important things my printer has declared it'self to be almost out of ink.....


  1. Anonymous4:33 PM

    I take mine to the refill place between Blockbuster Video and the Sex shop in Litlehampton. The service is good - the refills cheap and I glow at my eco lifestyle - they have coffee while you wait, which I've never had to. HOWEVER! They do not last anywhere near as long as the non-refilled ones...but they are sound of porn film action through wall etc decide.
    The neighbour xx (I'm really I am).

  2. I'm with your neighbour with this. Well, obviously I'm not .... but I wish I was then I could have nipped next door - to BLOCKBUSTER obviously!!

    Anyhoo, I've tried getting them refilled and no, they don't seem to last very long.

    Very pretty flowers :)

  3. the flowers are lovely, i just took a look at your little shop...i must congratulate you on some fantastic photo taking, your pictures really are a treat to look at...

    don't ask me about printers, i leave it all to my fourteen year old to sort for me...

  4. Hi Lynn, crickey I didn't know LA had a den of iniquity! On a more mundane note we have a HP printer and I send my old cartridge back to Ink Express and they send another refilled cartridge back, I originally picked up an envelope from the Post Office, I am not sure whether they last as long as the real thing, but they are cheaper, the price of ink cartridges are a rip off, money would be better spent in the shop next door! I like the flowers, I love cerise pink and red together. Louise x

  5. I pay full price for the real thing, it grates through I can tell you. Unfortunately we had a rather expensive experience with those cheaper non brand replacements: The printer packed up and when the repair man turned up all he did was change the cartridge to the brand name one and it worked perfectly again. Cost us the price of cheap cartrideges and a call out charge, ouch, so I've never tried to save on this particular expense again although I think the prices are daylight robbery.
    Rant over, love the flowers.

  6. Love the brooches- they are so pretty :-)

    As for ink, I always buy the real brand because they last a lot longer and with some HP ones you can recycle them.

    I always find the cheaper ones last less time and the colour is not as good.

    Also, a friend of mine used to work in a factory where they refilled catridges and the conditions were awful so it's diffcult to know what to do to be as eco/ conscious as you can.

    Not sure if that was helpful or not really??

  7. I like Teapots and Cosies on your flickr:)

  8. I used to use the chap at Cartridge World in Littlehampton. I agree with them not lasting as long as brand new ones but he always used to give me a free chocolate which went down very well.
    With the proce of ink cartridges here in NZ it's almost cheaper to buy a new printer each time! No really, that's the truth! Ridiculous!
    To mimic that lady who sells flowers in Montegue Street in Worthing 'Flowers are lovely dear!'

  9. Viking Direct send out ink cartridges on next day delivery and I think that they are cheaper than the high street especially if you buy 5 at a time (Look them up on the web). If you're colour printing the printer literally eats up the ink! Wondered if you had a detective thing going on what with Sherlock Holmes and the Sweeney? Really love the corsages.
    Al x

  10. Hi. i use, and of course pop used cartridges into my local tesco recyle bin, they usually have a buy one get one free, at the moment they appear to have a half price, any way check it out, anything is better than going to staples, loving those felt flowers, i think they would look super-duper pinned to a black beret, i could see my first born strutting her stuff in those,keep up the good work, Sx

  11. lots of's been handy for me too to read up on what other people do cartridge-wise! my printer takes 5 separate colour ones plus the black of course + i've been buying genuine ones on ebay which seem fairly cheap (sending off my empty ones in the freebie envelopes)

    your florence hope creations are your felt allsorts : )

  12. Isn't it fascinating what we all do....on this occasion my lovely neighbour is taking me to the infamous refill place next to the sex shop! - the post is still up the creek and I am desperate.
    Thanks for all your advice:)

  13. I am distracted by your stunning flowers, you are so talented Lynn.
    Hugs xx

  14. Your felt flowers are lovely!

  15. Lynn - you are so very kind....but I can't take all the glory as Stella and I are a creative team:)
    Hello Di - thanks for stopping by - well done for getting to 100:)

  16. I absolutely love your flowers!!!! They are so pretty. I have no advice at all about printers. We have one next to the computer apparently in a coma. XX

  17. Thank you so much for popping into my blog, I am adding you to my favorites list, your blog is really delicious, felt is the best medium ever, your brooches are really special.cheers

  18. We also have an inkjet HP. The best cartridges are the HP ones. However (now I realize we are talking about the U.S.), our local stationer gives a $5 credit for each printer cartridge we return, so it does help a little with the cost of the new one.

    LOVE your felt posies!


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