Sunday, October 14

Sweeney Weekend

As I write this the first ever episode of the Sweeney is on.....I have sat through Sweeney, the film and last night it was Sweeney the documentary. Jack Reagan hasn't had his dinner but he's still nicking slags...... my only consolation is a pile of ironing......

Harry has been at the cute pills again.


  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Whatever happened to Diane "Put 'em away darlin, you're nicked" Keen? haha.

  2. .... I thought it was "get your trousers on - you're nicked".

    Honestly, I'm too young to know that - no really - I had to google it. I thought he said "SHUT IT!!" But maybe that was some spoof I watched?

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    He is strangely attractive, no? The neighbour x.

  4. Anonymous10:19 PM

    "Tooled up" "Grass" "Snout" "Toerag"... Who'd have thought he would morph into Morse :)

  5. Anonymous10:20 PM

    BTW He would have said "Strides" LOL

  6. I don't think Harry wants to watch the wobbly jelly, he wants a bowl of chalk instead!

  7. Stop it all of you! I'll have no more cockney slang as this isn't the set of the next Guy Richie film!


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