Thursday, October 4

WIP Thursday

I bought these flowers last Sunday – September Flowers which I believe are Michaelmas daisies. They were £1.99 from Waitrose and were grown in the UK, so I don’t feel too guilty about buying them.

I have been trying to get a new batch of felt flowers made.

If I didn’t have so many distractions which block my ‘flow’ I’d of had these finished last week.......


  1. Hi Lynn, I have got the very same Michaelmas Daisies growing in my garden although mine are suffering with an attack of the mildew!

  2. Beautiful flowers, both the real ones and the felted :)

  3. sweet little flowers...they last so well too. great to buy homegrown : ) did you see the gardeners world show recently about the british cut flower business? we knew someone who was filmed for the feature (our local peony field lady) but alas they didn't make the final edit : (

    the new felt creations are looking mighty fine...i know the distracted feeling well. do you give yourself deadlines? i just move mine! xxx

  4. Hello from Toronto, Canada,

    I absolutely looooooove your felt flowers, wonderful!


  5. I love having flowers inside. Plus I adore your felted flowers. There is so much work and detail put into those. It is hard to get pretty, subtle felt colours here.

  6. I love those daisies, they're so pretty, and your felted flowers look good too.

  7. Hi Lynn I love Michaelmas daisys but can never grow them, so it's nice to be able to buy some. I love your felt flowers, the colours have a definite Autumn feel, lovely.
    Distractions are good, I think they stop us getting bored with one project. Hugs xx

  8. Adoriable flowers! The ones you bought and those you made :)
    I hope you will enjoy your weekend too! I am drinking a red glass of wine right now, surfing around and looking at beautiful pictures, life is good :)

  9. Love the felt flowers and buttons, lovely colours,i used them a few years ago, i wanted pretty purple flowers,that were simple and fresh and the september daisy fitted the bill beautifully, still loving your blog, S x


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