Sunday, October 7

Mosaic Monday

My creation
Originally uploaded by Gigibird


  1. Pretty! I love sewing bits and pieces. Actually I love colour. Cats in the middle makes it perfect, athough I am surprised that a certain dog didn't feature. Hope he doesn't get offended and use his delicious puppy eyes to make you feel horribly guilty.

  2. My skills with mosaic making are pretty rudimentary but I shall persevere!

  3. Love it, you are really great with colour and it shows.

    You are also fantastic at giving out decorating advice, I am now completely in your debt, and will be rushing out to buy paints, lights and ivy, guess what I am doing this week-end.
    Thankyou so much, thankyou thankyou thankyou xxxxxxxx hugs

  4. oh you really are getting the hang of things...

    and oh what a nice surprise the mail man dropped in my mail box on Saturday :) thanking you kindly...


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