Sunday, November 11

Coffee,Mince Pies, Friends and Fairies

Stella came over for coffee and mince pies (homemade)this morning which was very pleasant as she has been preoccupied of late with a large tin of Farrow & Ball, a new roller and mission to paint her kitchen. Now complete she is able leave the confines of her house and once more make home visits.
She brought some friends with her. Shall I introduce you?

They are a very shy bunch but aren’t adversed to a bit of mischief.
All fairies are attracted to pretty things so it wasn’t long before they gathered up some Florence Hope anemone corsages and arranged themselves amongst them……

Then they found my birdie hooks and hung out in the porch chatting to the birds.

The dozen mince pies I made yesterday have all gone so I am off to make more....


  1. they are so glam!

    i can see them getting up to mischief indeed! fairies round the place...friends + mince pies...makes the world a better place : )

    i love your birdie hooks. i bet they get better the more they get exposed to the elements. speaking of which it's getting chilly here now. we've just lit the stove. is yours going today? keep warm + happy baking (i'd love to sample one!) xxx


    Can you tell I'm jealous 'cos I can't bake?

    Fab fairies :)

  3. I love Stella's fairy friends, I may have already seen these round at hers, or even the prototypes? I haven't had a mince pie yet, even though they have been in the shops since Easter, home-made even better, you will have a lot to make before Christmas if you have started already, I guess different recipes have to be quality controlled! Funny how we never got to see the mince pies, they couldn't have been on the plate very long, or maybe you were eating them straight from the tin! x

  4. Mince pies and peg fairies, lovely. I adore both and always get the urge to start producing more peg fairies at this time of year. Strangely although I love to eat them I don't like making mince pies, but they have to be homemade! Fortunately my best friends Mother makes the most devine mince pies in huge batches. She makes her pastry with self raising flour, something I have never done and it is so light and just melts in the mouth. See how they get to me, I' raving on about them now!

  5. Anonymous5:48 PM

    The Neighbour x

  6. Mince pies , fairys, I'm coming over!! pop the kettle on...

    Hugs Lynnxx

  7. lovely fairies...that's all i can say as i am choked up with tears thinking about mince pies and all that i shall miss from across the pond this Christmas :)

  8. The fairies are so pretty, hope they didn't cause too much mischief. Mince pies,yummy which recipe do you use?

  9. Sweet fairies! I love your bird hangers in the last photo.

    MINCE PIES! We have ordered some (Holmfield) from our English foods distributor to sell in our gourmet shop for the holidays... I am soooo tempted to take a box home for myself. =)

  10. Those fairies are lovely. Also the wool is delicious, fab colours. Hope all is well.

  11. if I made mince pies they'd still be hanging around in March!!!! I love those fairies, and the brooches are gorgeous, will they be making an appearance in the shop any time soon? I see a chrismtas present to myself there!!!

  12. the fairies are adorable!


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