Wednesday, November 7

Lovely Wool

Manos de Uruguay

My lovely friend Louise did a spot of shopping at Purl in New York

Apparently it's quite normal for yarn stores out there to wind skeins at no extra charge.

This is a wrist pin cushion I made for Louise.

I settled on a Velcro fastening with a button garnish.
The beautiful linen tape was from her last trip over.
I am very spoilt.


  1. what lovely colors and i really do like the wrist pin cushion...useful and beautiful, can't ask for more than that :)

  2. Oh, I think you're both lucky.....
    That wool is just gorgeous, and I love the wrist cushion, too - yum!

  3. Lucky you and lucky Louise. I'm not usually a fan of variagated yarn (or plants come to that) but this is lovely colours so gets away with it - what are you going to knit?

  4. That yarn looks great, I love all the mix of colours, look forward to seeing what is created from it?

  5. Delightful pin cushion! And yummy wool yarns, too!

  6. love the yarn, very autumnal, and
    great idea for the wristband pin cushion, very useful, and cute too.

  7. Beautiful yarn - can't wait to see what you make with it. Great wrist pin cushion too. I may have to make one as I'm a nightmare for putting mine down and losing it!

  8. lovely wool indeed! the colours are pure november...have you a plan for their transformation? they do look just gorgeous hanging their to see!

    wrist pin cushion...fab idea : )

  9. Mmmm .... lovely yarn ....

  10. What beautiful pin cushions! A creative idea! :)

  11. Hi Gigi,
    Love the pin cushion cuff... what a great idea.
    Nice to have a good friend to spoil you!

  12. There are wrist pin cushions out there but perhaps not as nice as the ones I make! She says modestly!! I may do a 'how to' (tutorials sound so grand) as I'm never without mine when sewing.
    I intend to knit a scarf probably in moss stitch but I think I shall experiment to see which stitch will show the wool/yarn off to its best advantage.


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