Monday, November 19


Long time no post.
Weather and light lousy.

Just having a bit of a rest from tidying. Yes that’s right I said tidying.
Living in a small house means that hoarding, which is innate within me is bad and regular culling essential.

Since moving here just over 2 years ago I no long keep magazines – I pull pages that inspire or interest out and even those pages have to be ‘thinned’ about twice a year. Actually I have more or less given up with magazines.
I do have a book habit.

But what do you do with fabric?
A fabric stash by nature is always growing –The problem I have is if I put it away then I forget about it….and sadly my sewing nook is small.
I need some tips on how best to organise.


  1. The pincushion is gorgeous. Know what you mean about the light - atrocious for taking pics...same prob here :)

  2. i think one good way of thinning out a fabric stash is having a blog swap maybe, then you can change fabric you may never use for something you might find more inspiring. or make up little bundles of craft supplies to give to family and friends for presents if they are a bit crafty themselves.

    i pull out magazine pages too, store them in those a4 plastic sleeves in a ring binder so they're easy to flick though.

  3. I got some simple wooden boxes which stack then spent ages folding all my fabric so it will fit in leaving just the edge of each piece facing upwards. Each box is sorted into colours so now I can see what I've got without having to take everything out and the wooden boxes look so much nicer than any plastic ones.
    I do still have a couple of bags of scraps stuffed in a wardrobe but I'm more ruthless about throwing little pieces away now so the scraps are slowly being used up.

  4. i imagine like me, you use every scrap up for small detail on projects but where to keep it while waiting to use it, is an eternal problem for me as well...i end up bagging little scraps according to 'type' and then keep them all in a big stacker box with a lid on...not very pretty but it does keep everything sorted. as to other larger pieces of 'cut in to' fabric, i keep in a large cardboard box, which one of my cats believes is purely there to keep her warm...but i sense Harry is a sensible fellow and will not try to climb into a box with a ton of fabric in...then again maybe not :)


    PS. love the pincushion

  5. I have no tips as I do the same with my fabric stash!!

    I love your felt creations, the colours are just lovelyx

  6. for fabric and books - pile it high!
    but if it gets to the height mine is at - do not let any small animal stand close to it......
    love the pin cushion x
    tracy x

  7. When you find out let me know - I really like the pincushion.

  8. Are you giving that pin cushion away OR is it my christmas pressie? Sx

  9. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I am feeling much less whingey now! I just love the stuff you've made, and I have added you to my bloglines list, so I'll be back!
    Cathy XX

  10. I am sorting out my dreadful hoarding problem by building a bigger house! Regular culls are also essential, and I am getting better at that.

  11. I am fed up with this doom and gloom although thankfully the sun did come out for part of today. Our place is small Lynn and I am always having to have regular culls too, in fact we really have got to get into our loft soon and clear out lots before the ceiling caves in. As for magazines, I have a problem in not being able to throw them out, luckily I don't have the same problem with fabric, as I am not a crafter like you, I like your latest make by the way. x

  12. fabric is a problem. i keep mine in clear boxes but they're messy inside so i always have to go through everything to remind myself what i have. one day i may get round to taking a digital pic of the contents and stick it on the outside? my magazine collection is embarassingly large but i adore them so. thanks for adding to my habit with the mc idees! x


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