Thursday, November 22

Ginger and Cherry Rock Cakes

I thought I would throw together a batch of rock cakes yesterday as, well, I fancied a cake and energy levels were low so I wanted to make something fast.

My husband had given all my sultanas and raisins to the birds so I had to improvise….I looked inside my mouse free baking drawer and found a plentiful supply of cherries and stem ginger so I had a go.

I think they would be better for the addition of some desiccated coconut but generally are very nice.

Harry and I visited Granny this morning to look through her 23 books of vinyl flooring samples - fortunately she had already chosen so I wasn’t called upon to put my pennies worth in.
Harry did his usual trick of wiping his face on her new carpet…..after his Ryvita and before his bowl of milk.
‘Does he want blue or green top?’


  1. I was going to make rock cakes yesterday and then I realised I didn't have any decent dried fruit only shrivelled up sultanas which I have been feeding to 'Mr and Mrs B'. John loves rock cakes and so do I, yours are making me really want to pig out on cakes, none in the house but have got some choccie biscuits! I really chuckled at the thought of Harry wiping his face on granny's carpet, honestly kids, who would 'ave 'em! x

  2. They look fab. I am in a cake mood myself at the mo - may just have to go and knock a batch up now!
    Cathy X

  3. So kind of your hubby to share out your dried fruits like that :)

    ps. Have you added a vice to your xmas list now??

    pps. Raisins and sultanas do come under the heading of dried fruits don't they? Can you tell I'm no bakist?

  4. Oooh, they look devine. I'm just about to get on with some chocolate brownies, so we must all be in a baking mood!

  5. aaah I love rock cakes, do you have the recipe? I thought making a "thumbprint" in the cakes before baking and spooning in a little jam might also be good? yummy!

  6. Rock cakes are my all time favorite! I have never tried them with ginger though...sounds divine. The only problem with rock cakes, is that I can't resist them and end up eating all of them! So, I try to make them, keep one or two, then immediately give them away.

    Your cooking always looks so good!

  7. Anonymous9:00 AM

    It's funny - I was there but didn't see a rock cake!!!!!!
    I'm sure you were only saving me from myself or the eveil ginger.
    The neighbour.

  8. Rock cakes remind me of my grandad... he used to make them.. and pineapple upside down pudding. I have never made them.. maybe i should. Yours look very tasty.

  9. Lynn, didn't your mum ever tell you not to play with matches!

  10. I will post the recipe on Still Licking the Spoon, my rather negected food blog in the next few days....
    Rock cakes freeze very well so in therory you could make a batch freeze them then get one out occasionally.

  11. ginger with coconut...yum! i love how you throw things together : )


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