Tuesday, November 6


I have mainly visited Tate Britain.
My friend Louise and I went to see the Millais exhibition and if any of you have the chance to go I would urge you to as it was wonderful.
We treated ourselves to lunch in the restaurant and it was very good.
Beautiful day so we alighted at Vauxhall and walked over the bridge.
Sadly you are not allowed to take any photos at all inside even of the structure of the building so we had to make do with snapping away enroute.

Crossing Vauxhall Bridge looking towards the Eye

Stumbled across a Henry Moore

Tate Britain - Millbank entrance


  1. You gadda-bout you, how lovely i have never been, the nearest was the Tate in st. Ives on a windy sunday when it was closed, i do feel i have had a little art today, i was sewing up a bag whilst having one eye on "fog it" as they visited the Cardiff Art Gallery so lots of Turner and Manet, i know this pales into nothingness, but i have at least had a soup-son of culture, and i do love Paul the presenter, "I just love the gays" if he is not then he just does not know it yet..can i have more of your creations please thank you very much Sx

  2. "Flog it" 2 x glasses of valpolicella!!!

  3. sounds like a lovely way to spend the day...and i agree with english vintage, i love every picture you take but can we have some more of your creations please :)

  4. What a wonderful day! I love visiting art galleries. By myself. Last time I took my class someone threw a tantrum in the modern art space (I agreed, but managed to contain myself!).

  5. When I lived at home we had a couple of Henry Moore prints on our wall, but true to nature Mum ended up selling them! So glad you enjoyed your trip Lynn and made all the better by the beautiful weather we have been having. x


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