Wednesday, January 30

Arthur & Oscar

In the last year while out waking Harry I met an old man called Arthur and his little rescue dog Oscar. He was very slow in his walking but was always so cheerful and pleased to have a chat along the way to the beach, and would often leave little presents of dog treats for Harry on my gate.
Just before Christmas Oscar saw a cat and pulled Arthur over. Sadly he never recovered from his injuries and died last week in hospital.

Any dog owner will tell you how they have met some really interesting people while out exercising their pouches. I enjoy the randomness – the pot luck nature of who you meet and how the age divide is bridged.

He isn’t the first dog walking companion who has died and won’t be the last but I am so glad I met him as he was such a lovely human being.


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Oh dear what will become of Oscar now? Actually my own Grandmother was pulled over by her last dog fortunately she only broke her wrist which did actually heal but it was the end of her dog wlaking days.

  2. it's lovely to hear how you got to know a + o...i guess you've got that common bond there with a love of animals + it's great like you say that age makes no difference. poor oscar must be missing arthur. he sounded like a very sweet chap.

  3. Oh life is sad.

    Remembering good times helps.

  4. That is very sad, but it was lovely that you were able to make friends with the lovely pair. I hope that Oscar has a good home now. XXX

  5. Oh , that's such a sad little story, what a shame...he sounded lovely. I agree - you meet some interesting people when walking out with the hound....the common bond of the dog seems to break down all barriers.

  6. gulp
    sadness seems to be everywhere at the moment :(
    lucky you to have met Arthur x
    has Oscar got a new home?
    whatever happened to the whippet?
    so many questions!
    better go and make a cup of tea.....
    t x


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