Monday, January 14


Still no photos.
I have 2 bad knees and one bad hand.
I am off my food. I was down to one sausage this evening. I felt sick when I was dishing up dinner but that often happens to me – actually the more elaborate the meal the more likely I really can’t be bothered to eat it once it’s dished up.
Now before an anonymous tells me I’m being a miserable bitch I am quite sanguine.
Chronic pain is something I live with and from time to time it gets really, really bad.
I think if I were writing this in August or high summer I would be in the depths of despair but I love January and I love winter cold and wet – I think possibly that's what is keeping me so buoyant:) I also had a really good haircut and colour last week so that could be another reason.


  1. this is a virtual hug (**) for you...sorry you are in pain my friend. but glad you like january + have great hair (what a boost that can give!)

    i'm sending you something this week for extra cheer. if i was closer by i'd cook you dinner + wash up too! i know you're off food a bit but i've come into a new cake recipe today that i'd love you to cast your eye over.

    love from k xxx

  2. Oh Gigi,
    I have been mumping about this morning wingeing for antibiotics to deal with a bothersome infection . . now I feel that I have been rather divaish.

    I hope that you can find something to do that can distract from the pain and allow you to show off your hair. I love the bounce, bounce of nicely cut hair.

    I gather from your love of January that your pain doesn't get made worse by the damp,

    Love & thoughts

  3. A haircut always cheers me up too. Glad you are enjoying the weather, the forcast is for lots more rain just for you!x

  4. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Sorry to hear that you are suffering at the moment. I don't know what your health issues are but I use comfrey ointment made by Potters when I get a painful knee and it has worked for me since I was 18.

  5. Sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather :(
    Sending you warm wishes across the airwaves (or wires, whatever!)..
    asti x

  6. Sorry to hear you are in pain. Hope it gets better soon. But at least you have this cold miserable weather to cheer you up! I find a good haircut does wonders not just for the way I look but the way I feel. I'm having mine done on Saturday and am so looking forward to it.

  7. I was anxiously awaiting your next entry wondering if something was wrong! Glad you are cheerful, despite the sore bits. I am wilting dreadfully under the heat here. No great hair around here.
    Enjoy your lovely cool weather! Have you been enjoying your little fire and the new couch? I am sure Harry has lots of furry hugs for you. Miss Dog and I send lots too! XXX

  8. Isn't the power of a good haircut/colour amazing? CK never understands the importance of finding a good hairdresser. When it works it is a relationship a girl can trust and treasure. ;-)

    And if Kelly's cake recipe is as fabulous as I imagine - will you share?


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