Thursday, January 3

No Snow

Scotland has it and up-north, but no snow down here……I know I am selfish wanting some – just for a couple of days?

Normal service is slowing resuming here at the Gigibird household. The Christmas decorations have been stowed away.
I have just made a HUGE Shepherd’s Pie, or to be technically correct a cottage pie (beef) I am struggling to think up a pudding for his nibs, but something will come to me once I have studied my store cupboard. I would just like to say before you all die of jealousy thinking I have a larder/store cupboard I don’t although I dream the dream – I have a corner cupboards which are a nightmare…..before I die I WILL have a walk in larder with a window with mesh covering it and shelves covered in check sticky backed plastic….well maybe not STP but something similar but tasteful.
Several of you have mentioned looking at your accounts….we are rather old fashioned here – my husband deals with our finances; all I know is he earns it and I spend it:) But, and it is a big but I do want to make a few economies to our household expenditure and probably the only place I have more or less complete control is in the kitchen.
My collection of old cookery and household management books are a wonderful source of inspiration to frugal living - so over the next few months I will be sharing with you my adventures.
I feel I should say that although we all have different financial positions wasting money and resources isn’t good for anyone so I am going to see if I have some fun and save a bit of cash ….. I hope you will all enjoy sharing my experiment.


  1. no snow here :(
    looking forward to your ideas - saving cash is ALWAYS a good idea.
    tracy x

  2. Definately no snow here!!! Sunshine, and plenty of it. It is cherry season, and I am making the most of it. I am really looking forward to your adventures in frugality (is that a word?). I just got Mr B to trim my hair- a saving of lots. More cherries for me! Best wishes XXX

  3. No snow here either, those weather people are useless!
    I was really looking forward to winter wonderland photo opportunity :(

    I did shepherds pie on wednesday, well.....same as you - technically a cottage pie. Why is it that I never call it the right name, even when I know what it's really called?

    Good luck and warm wishes for the new year, Jessx

  4. i call it shepherds pie too even though i make it with beef : ) nothing better in this sort of weather. comfort food at it's best!

    no snow-show here either : (

    can't wait for the cash-saving tips. i need a frugal-guru right now. car insurance due today. credit card bill to pay. january isn't a good month for money in my world! x

  5. well for obvious reasons I'm looking forward to those cookery tips.
    I am just in to make soup for our sledging party - ha ha! we have all the snow. I am trying to ignore that it is thawing fast. The nurse that co-hosts Euan's drug users clinic has swung a sickie (to go down south for Hogmanay) so it had to be cancelled and he is here sledging with us which is fantastic.

  6. Happy New Year, I'm at last getting back into the swing of things!

    LOADS of snow here, a good 7 or 8" so sledging to be done this afternoon - come join us if you fancy it....:)

    Shepherds pie for tea sounds good, are there any left overs?

    L x

  7. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ........deep intake of breath.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    The Neighbour. x

  8. Take yourself off to the find the "oldstyle" board. you will find out about economies you never even thought of. Great bunch of people too

  9. none here either

    my dad had some in Sussex..... we are hopeful.....

    happy new year to you gigi.

  10. We have snow, although not much of it left now. We had loads of it about a week before Christmas, but it thawed before the big day!

    How I long for a proper pantry! Maybe this is one dream that I will manage to achieve before I die...

    Marie x

  11. only one day of snow here so you're not missing anything (and the whole of East Yorkshire came to halt - schools closed for the sake of 4 inches...what is the world coming to???)
    I digress and start spoutng off, I apologise.
    Yes please to some lessons in frugality (boo hiss to January!) - we are old fashioned here also, Mr Monkey earns the pennies, I care for the offspring and tend the house. I really want to be able to darn...then I would be a true housewife. Oh and cottage pie - nope, it's always shepherd's pie with beef or otherwise, because (I tell the children) it is made from real Shepherds.

  12. Hi Lynn, nice post, I would like snow too, just a bit, I like the big slow flakes that cover everything in two minutes, and the world goes silent.
    I remember my nana's pantry, full of homemade cakes, and bottled tomatoes and beans, jams and pickled cabbage, the smell was divine.
    I agree with you that frugality is a mind set, and it does feel good, it's worth cooking extra, just to have leftovers to create somthing from, nothing nicer. I am determined to give it a go.
    Have a great week
    Hugs Lynn xx

  13. Hiya, Yes, I also wanted it to snow. We had some flakes but nothing settled. I was very disappointed that there wasn't any. Anyway - Happy New Year :-)

  14. Please no snow. Driving to work early in the morning is hair raising enough as it is! x

  15. We've STILL got some snow, not rubbing it in though.....! Off snowboarding tomorrow...!
    L x

  16. I dream of a larder too! How wonderful it would be!!

    I have been begging it to snow too, I think it only fair that Ollie should see snow for the first time, proper snow, not a few measly flakes! pah!

    I hope your Christmas was wonderful! x x x

  17. Anonymous8:45 PM

    For the love of God...update your Blog!!!!! What am I supposed to do at work all day?
    The Neighbour x


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