Sunday, January 20

Driftwood slick

There has been a shipwreck further along the coast - and as a result we have wood washing up along the coast.
I have uploaded these photos and video clip from the MeridianTV website.
it's such a waste of lovely wood.....which I think would make very good kindling:)
Incidentally I haven't a clue who Pat is - I wonder if his mother knows what he's up too?

Small children playing on wood - which I think will only end in tears

Now I know wind surfers aren't renowned for their brain power but it seems absolutely ridiculous to be surfing when so much wood is in the water....

I shall try and get some of my own photos tomorrow morning - wood -it's so exciting.
Round these parts this type of thing passes for a 'happening'


  1. oooh - I didnt know about this......I find it quite exciting too!! (sadly I'm serious) Must go and have a look at the vids...Things washing up on beaches, my kind of thing....

  2. i like the spin around shot of the wood at the end of the clip...dried out that would make fabulous kindling. don't get arrested if you go scavenging!! x

  3. it IS exciting!! we went down yesterday evening and again this morning, after high tide, it is amazing to see. A few diggers are at work this end of the beach and they are just mashing the wood up (seriously, the noise nearly made the men cry!!) I think there were more people on the beach today than on a sunny day in August!!

  4. M'mmmm splinters come to!! now who do we know with a wood burner?
    Oh and thanks for your comments they made me laugh, such a dry sense of humour, you are brilliant.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  5. Me! ME! Sea Angels, I have a wood burner. Send it all the way up to the top of the hill here. I promise to love, cherish it and chop it into tiny little sticks that will keep me lighting fires through the next several winters!

  6. Michael10:09 AM

    Better be sure its not treated lumber which gives off noxious fumes before you burn it.

  7. I was reading about the driftwood this morning in the paper. There were pictures of Worthing beach and it looked unbelievable. It said that they were going to remove it and sell it. Can't imagine it being good for much after so much time in the sea!

  8. How bizarre!

    What a horrible waste of all that lovely wood ....

    .... IS that the shipwreck or was it being carried by a boat that then got shipwrecked??

    .... ok, don't answer that ....

  9. I saw the wood on the news and was very excited (not much happens around me - and despite the excitement being about 300 miles away or something I was most interested). How is it going? Is Pat still avoiding it? And did it all end in tears for those (and many other) children?

  10. I spent the whole of last sunday telling the windsurfers to stay out of the water.Fell on deaf ears! They are quite mad....
    The wood is no good to burn .Its pine & will tar up a chimney.
    Quite a sight all the wood though.Like giant pickup sticks....


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