Tuesday, January 22

Spring Clean in the Air?

The sun finally came out this morning which was a welcome change from the overcast gloom that we’ve been having recently.

While my mother was doing my ironing I made myself busy with a little damp dusting – with the levels of dirt and goodness only knows what accumulates in my home even I was horrified at what was coming off – I do think my blessed wood burner is the prime suspect, and Harry and of course my own lack of regularity in attending to the housework. What I’m saying is my house is a filthy mess and it’s my fault for not doing enough housework on a regular basis.
Housework bores me but having a blitz when you can really see the difference I like. My usual prompt for feverish activity is a visitor on the horizon… brings all the short comings of my lack of housekeeping into focus.
I’m not bragging. I wish I could find some kind of routine that would encourage me to do more…..I’m not a morning person which I think is where part of the problem lies….anyway on the high of the wet dusting tomorrow I plan to well, do something else.


  1. Ooh no a bit early for Spring cleaning yet, I'm not ready for it! My house is a filthy mess too and it's all my fault, but hey-ho there are far more intersting things to be doing. I'm sure I'll be hit with a burst of energy sometime soon.
    I see your planks of wood made the front pages BTW, great photo opportunities!

  2. All the wood on my bit of beach has gone....so no photo opportunities I keep going down there but there is nothing except sawdust!

  3. Oh how I hate housework. It takes up time that could be much better spent reading, sleeping, crafting, being out etc. Half the time I don't notice the mess until there is the threat of visitors. And don't get me started on dog fur!!!! I so wish I had been born with a tidy gene. XXX

  4. I'm always horrified when I do the dusting too. My problem is that as I'm such a tidy person the flat always looks tidy, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's clean. I bent down last night to put something in a drawer in a cabinet and by chance my eyes were exactly at the level of the top of the cabinet, and the same level as a nice layer of dust! I didn't however whip out my duster, but went back to my embroidering. Dusting can wait until another day!

  5. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Your mother doing the ironing!! Lucky girl ;)

  6. Anonymous4:20 PM

    I had to take to my cooker with a knife last time i cleaned it...life's too short. The N xx

  7. dusting?

    I am like you... not good on the day to day upkeep of housey duties.. i would rather do something else instead but with a visitor looming, i get going and i love a good blitz. Then i think .. wouldn't it be lovely for it to be tidy and clean all the time... and then i lapse into my bad ways again.
    thanks for the cold feet advice .. will look out for those.

  8. I'm with you on this. Minimal dusting and cleaning that you don't really need to do/can't see what difference it has made seems a waste of a life to me. Might as well wait until it gets so terrible that cleaning it up feels like an enormous achievement and then you can eat lots of cake as a reward.
    Annie x

  9. Annie - I didn't think of rewarding myself with cake.....I'm off to make one NOW:)

  10. Totally with you on the cleaning front, there's always a mad blitz when the house is being descended upon, especially if it's my mother.....thankfully she doesn't visit too often :)
    I have to say, your woodburner will make things very dusty, which is a great excuse ;)
    We have a wood burner and an open fire so you can imagine what our house is like, I tend not to move around anything on a flat surface, it can be a horrifying experience....!

    Happy baking, I'm off to make some banana and pecan muffins, baking rules over cleaning anyday!

    L x


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