Wednesday, February 27

Best Meal of the Day

When I recently posted a photo on Flickr of a Florence Hope tote bag

Kelly (hello) left a comment saying how very ‘Orla’ it was. I don’t dispute this as basically any graphic based mainly on leaves is going to look like her but in actual fact she wasn’t our source of inspiration. It suddenly came to Stella while she was having her breakfast……

Stella made 2 of these bags, one for me and one for herself but she has decided hers can go to a new home….

Colin took a real shine to Stella's bag so if it doesn’t sell quickly I can see it might obtain a squatter. It goes beautifully with his colouring.


  1. (hello) how did i miss the resemblance?? oh yes...i decant my dorset! the bags are gorgeous : ) they need to be seen out shopping. make sure colin takes it to the market! xx

  2. Colin, would you please get out of my bag! That monkey needs a bit of training.

  3. I love these boxes (particuarly the mini selection size) and I'm never sure whether it is the muesli or the box I am buying,
    Lovely bags

  4. Anonymous10:12 PM

    That primate is a libertine!
    The Neighbour x

  5. I adore these bags! It is funny where we sometimes get our inspiration from isn't it?

  6. Hi Lynn the bags really gorgeous.
    I love the design especially considering where you got your design ideas from, how clever is that !!
    Lynn xx

  7. Those bags are lovely! How great it is to have the ability to draw inspiration from the most ordinary objects - things that we see every day.

  8. My mum eats Dorset Museli so i recognised it too. Well done Colin posseion is nine tenths of the law!
    Your bags are lovely. Jane (Crafty Conundrum)

  9. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Never see bags as nice as that in the shops!

  10. Lovely bags - you should make more of them!

  11. These bags are gorgeous!

    You are close on guessing what the mystery pic is. I will soon do another post, with another hint.


  12. Thank you all for the bag love:)
    It will go on Etsy when I find a ruler to measure the dimensions....always a stumbling block for me.
    Hello to new Jane (cc) and the other Jane too come to that:)
    Hello to everyone

  13. I'm loving all these FH things! Congrats, they look great!


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