Tuesday, February 26


Even though my hands aren’t behaving themselves at the moment I still bought some beautiful chunky wool as I owe Stella a scarf……

I thought - stupidly as it turns out that as the green and turquoise went so well together that when I showed Stella my WIP she would concur... mistake!

The green has been rejected so more turquoise will have to be purchased...
The moral of this tale is think twice before you get your WIP out.
More pretty pictures on Florence Hope of what we've been making


  1. ..... but surely that motto isn't "turquoise and green should never be seen" so it should be fine?

    Amazing red shoes that your knitting is resting on :)

    And I followed your link to Florence Hope ..... do you happen to have any of those fabulous button badges left?

    Just asking .....


  2. Anonymous9:37 PM

    I LOVE the green! such a lovely shade!

    ps http://bbaking.wordpress.com/2008/02/26/make-my-day/ (you don't have to join in I just wanted you to know!)

  3. that green is gorgeous! + you know how much i love turquoise...i get so much wear out of my gigi cardigan + lots of compliments : )

    the florence hope newies are pretty pretty pretty! xxx

  4. ooo! Lovely green there. Feel free to create beautiful things with it and send them hilltop-ward ;-)


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