Thursday, February 7

Some of My Favourites

Some of My Favourites
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Flickr is a wonderful source of inspiration. All you need to do is type in whatever you want to look at - teapots, cats, paws, totes - someone, somewhere will have made it and taken a picture. It's also a great way of finding other bloggers whose work you admire.
I have given up buying magazines for various reasons but I can still achieve that Country Living fix of pretty things and nice interiors by looking through Flickr - for FREE.


  1. Maybe someone should invent a Bloggers Tarot set, so our future and past could be read on the colours and texture that we choose? Your selection is inspiring, textural, and has Spring in it's heart, lovely.
    I hope you are well, Hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Your blog is filled with so many beautiful things! - the photos are so artistic and I love your felted items.

    Stop by sometime if you get a chance.


  3. I do still buy magazines(well Country Living) but I know what you mean about finding inspiration and prettiness on Flickr. Also on blogs in general. I feel like I have something better than Country Living to look at everyday by visiting all my favourite blogs. Infact, I find myself getting more and more disappointed by CL every month as it just doesn't live up to all the loveliness I find through blogs and flickr.

  4. I love flickr too, but I get stuck there for HOURS!!!!

  5. love this collection lynn.

    i'm trying to get into flickr more this year. i've weaned myself off some magazines but still get the odd craving. usually a disappointment i have to say...getting home + sitting down to the latest (+ last) blueprint from borders recently i just thought what a waste of £3.50!

    i agree that there is so much more inspiration out there on blogs.


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