Friday, February 8


Stella and I popped to Chichester this morning. I bit the bullet and bought a pair of pinking shears….£23.99 I shall be making a shrine to keep them in.
Chichester is a very attractive town with lots of architecturally interesting buildings, the Cross being one of them. I think I’m right in saying it’s medieval; anyway despite it being busy Stella and I stood looking at the wonderful detail on it. It’s not the first time I have taken some time to study it – a few weeks ago I took some photos when I first noticed the little flags.

The Cross

Me after I saw the price of my pinking shears

Stella with her perioral dermatitis:)
I love detail. I think that’s why Florence Hope has so much detail and sadly why it really isn’t financially viable. But that’s another story for another day.

I know I am probably the last person in Blogland to order Moo cards, but I did and they arrived today.
I am pleased with them but I had real problems uploading, and paying for them ( 4 attempts)
In the end the only way I was able to upload my photos was to choose 100 random which wasn’t what I wanted. Moan, moan, moan. But they are cute.


Not sure how I shall part with any of them....


  1. Chichester is a really lovely place..nice pics ;-)Sal

  2. Ha ! I killed myself laughing seeing those expressions...WHY are pinking shears so expensive? A question I've asked myself many a time..

  3. you are most definately not the last to order moo cards..i haven't even heard of them, i think this must be my 'emu' impressions these days or is it 'ostrich' who knows and who really to the pinking shears, i feel you need to make a 'shear cosy' to keep them warm and fear when i buy new fabric scissors is they will be taken and used on (dare she say it...) paper...i now only buy scissors with pink handles for fabric. i don't think anyone really needed to know that but there we go..

    have a good weekend :) oh and thanks for making me giggle for the first time today...and it's nearly five in the evening..

  4. when i say taken i mean by the little people that live in my house that seem to have the need to cut up a ton of paper sometimes...

  5. I haven't heard of moo cards either, but then I only just found out about Facebook. Very boring compared to reading lovely blogs. Sorry, you won't be able to afford to build a shrine for the pinking shears :0. Looking forward to seeing some Florence Hope items with pinking. I know what you mean about the finances of craft creations. If I sold the garden embroidery I made for my friend I would have to charge hundreds of dollars for all of the hours it took. xxx

  6. Ah - This house is full of people wanting to cut up paper but I have threatened to cut their fingers off if they are found with ORANGE handled scissors.
    They quake.
    I have never been to Chichister or ordered Moo cards - but there you go - things to put n the list,

  7. your moos look lovely + colourful...i had a bit of a disaster too when i ordered mine. it took ages + i only like about 1/2 the ones i got but hey ho it was fun to start with + i did like the little box they came in.

    your chichester photos/captions made me chuckle : ) i treated myself to keeping the pinking shears i had from my last job...kind of a leaving gift/sorry you were made redundant treat which i know is naughty but i don't care!

  8. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I adore Chichester although sadly I haven't been there for years. We used to have a customer at Goodwood (airfiled/racing track) and they were always a good excuse to come so far south to visit places like Fishbourne Palace and then of course Stone Henge isn't that far and Winchester and, well I could go on and on couldn't I? Lovely part of the world.

  9. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Actually after all that I forgot to say that I think your pinking sheers were a bargain I paid £30.00 for mine, I keep them hidden away.

  10. Ooh Moo! I love moo cards! I can see your point about not wanting to part with any.

    Sorry to read about Florence Hope, I hope you change your mind ....

    And thanks for thanking me .... you're very kind.


  11. I don't possess any moo cards (not yet anyway!) and why are pinking shears so expensive!? I went to buy some but was put off by the price - I did see some for £16.99 in a local fabric shop (in the Sale) Wonder if they are still there.........


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