Monday, March 10

Storm Warning

Last week I found myself in London with my husband viewing the Vanity Fair exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

It was more or less how I expected it would be - lots of very artful glamorous photos of the rich and famous. The photo I found the most fascinating was of Gertrude Stein taken by Man Ray…. Probably not for the right reasons I might add.
Her matronly bosom does indeed come right down to her waist….. and she is absolutely devoid of any feminine grooming .

When I got home I Googled her as although I knew a bit about her I didn’t know much….. an American writer who spent most of her life in France, and who became a catalyst in the development of modern art and literature.
Today a photo like this would never be published – she may have been a lesbian, obviously not the lipstick variety but still this unflattering image would not fit in with how everyone is made over.
I wonder when we stopped seeing real people in magazines?

Louise Brooks....with that hair cut
As I have been told by almost everyone on TV not to leave my house Harry and I are not having any walkies today. I found my fierce beast of a dog cowering under the table this morning because the blinds were flapping about so I feel he’s OK about it too.
I did make it to my front bird table to deposit emergency supplies for all my feathered friends so between squalls they can fill up on seed, suet, bread and sultanas.


  1. Hope the weather isn't battering you too much? I watched Louise Brooks in a silent movie (on DVD of course!) a few months back with a friend, it was wonderful. As you say everything was real back then.

    L x

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    A little known fact (maybe not) starlets were having plastic surgery in the 20's and probably even before. But wouldn't it be lovely(?) to see real pictures of ladies again - with floor sweeping bosoms and stern brows....could we handle it? Not if the outing of celeb cellulite is anything to go by in gossip mags. Give me a grumpy lookin lesbian over Paris Hilton any day! The Neighbour

  3. Whipping up a storm here too...I've got to work in it tonight :(
    Adore that top picture. Wanted to go to that exibition when I was up there, but didn't think I'd enjoy it very much with a bored toddler!

  4. You do get some "real people" out there - often elderly though - Doris Lessing tends to be allowed to be a grande dame. Gertrude Stein had enough money to be able to look exactly as she wanted. Her lover, Alice B Toklas, has a very good recipe for hash brownies in a book she wrote - not sure they are gluten free though.
    I am in Woman & Home this month in my greenhouse and there is something odd about the photo- it is a lovely photo but I have a suspicion that I've been airbrushed.

  5. i had a housemistress who looked a bit like gertrude...well definitely in the bosom department anyway! she was called maisie scarborough. very ruddy cheeks. frizzy hair. no make-up. no husband. very jolly + never to be forgotten.

    great photos. it looks like an exhibition worth the visit.

    take good care down there in the storm!! ours wasn't too bad. glad you + harry didn't venture far yesterday. xxx

    p.s. if only my fringe would sit like louise's! now pinned back + being grown out!

  6. I would have loved to see that exhibit. People come in all shapes and sizes - I definitely wish we could see more of that in the media.


  7. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Have you been to Farley Farm in East Sussex? It's where Man Ray lived. Very inspiring ...


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