Wednesday, March 12

Bunny Love

Yvonne of Yvestown and Cherry Menlove have collaborated on an Easter project including a pattern and even a Flickr group to post the results….

I decided I couldn’t do justice to their pattern so I used it as a size gauge and got drawing…. Stella suggested I just ‘Florence Hope’ it and that’s exactly what I did.
I have been thinking about rabbits for days….no wonder I never get anything else done around here but finally did some sketches and thought a side profile would look good.

I used angora and lambs wool felted wool and used black machine stitches to give it a look of a drawing.

There is still time for anyone to join in as I believe they are closing the group on Easter Sunday....go and have a look at all the lovely bunnies.....


  1. VERY cute.....clever use of the angora...the little hairs look very bunny like, like the baby pink too. Haven't been to check the others yet..I must 'hop' on over...(groan !)

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    I think he is wonderful.

  3. Anonymous8:36 PM

    The picture doesn't do it justice - she is really rather soft and lovely in the fur - the rabbit, not Gigibird....although she is quite soft.
    The Neighbour XX
    Can I shamelessly plug the lovely print that I ordered from The Black Apple...really lovely.

  4. Yes you may tell eveyone of the loveliness of your Black Apple print.....I have just spent the last half hour drooling over her Etsy shop

  5. this is the correct link!

  6. Lovely, just the right amount of detail and very Florence Hope.

  7. Ooh, loving the bunnies - yours and the ones on flickr .... especially the bunny ears poking out of the cookie jar!

    I'm not as sure about the other link though .... beautiful but very melancholy .... they reminded me of Tim Burton's Nightmare films.


    ps. isn't it about time your neighbour had a blog of her own?? Just sayin' ....

  8. Very lovely.
    I can also recommend Black apple - I got Zoe a t-shirt for Christmas - very cool and offbeat wear for my cool and offbeat girl.
    Are you going to be making your rabbits for Rtsy?

  9. Typical of Gigibird not to follow instructions, Yvonne and Cherry will probably have her in detention, she hasn't changed since our schooldays;) Loving the rabbit and have put my order in already, just reminding you Lynn;) Also, I would love 'the neighbour' to have a blog, I think it would be a 'hoot'!!

  10. Anonymous4:36 PM

    Too kind....The Neighbour xx

  11. Anonymous4:56 PM

    he is so lovely!

    I have been thinking about bunnies too! Maybe I will get on to some making soon!

  12. What a cute little bunny!


  13. loving your little bunny, very cute :)

    L x

  14. are beautiful! such lovely use of materials gigi. the black stitching really works a treat!

    i think you should make a whole family of them. xxx

  15. Great bunny! He looks a little mischievious! Love the stitching detail and angora felt....................

  16. i love that you always go your own way.... Florence Hope is truly original. Your Bunnie, from colour and fabric choice to details and execution is (as always) exquisite. I wouldn't give her a detention Stella but an A++ for standing out in the crowd!

  17. Oh he is so cute, you are both so very clever.
    Easter Hugs
    Lynn xx


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