Sunday, April 6

Weather Report

Today it has been mainly snowing.

I should have known it was going to snow – it was Stella throwing my Wellingtons away that has caused the South of England to get a good covering of the white stuff.

I can’t remember the last time I wore them and when we discovered them in my conservatory/lean too they covered in black mould. I knew as soon as they went in the bin it was an omen for extreme weather on the horizon….

Anyway this morning we started off on our weekly trip to Chichester but abandoned after a few minutes so instead paid a visit to our local supermarket where I did my best to do my food shopping. Ummm – very basic. Haven’t heard of free range or organic chicken. Or tofu. I will manage but will just have to be even more inventive with this weeks menu.

The dirty blob is Harry.


  1. Dirty Harry did you mean?
    Sounds like a good excuse to buy some funky new wellies. Although the snow has melted already here so I'm not sure you'll need them :)

  2. Wowser ! I thought our very thin powdering of haily stuff was good...shame it wasn't at Christmas though...weren't we having a heatwave this time last year ;)

  3. I'm hoping that this "proper" weather that we're having this spring is a sign that we might have a decent summer during summer! You've had more snow than us, about 1cm this morning, enough to crunch underfoot.

    I think you should go and out and treat yourself to some new wellies, every girl should have a pair of wellies!

    L x

  4. oooo you got the snow then!! lots! Im going to check out dottie angel..thanks for that we have buddist prayer charms in our wallets and chinese pennies in our bank books so I'm all for a lucky house moving lady-charm thing!

  5. Ever notice how the white bits on your dog never look so white when it snows?

  6. That looks like a good layer of snow! You will have to get some fabulous new wellies (we call them gumboots). Mine have visited the supermarket, gone on dog walks, helped with lambing and paddled. They are flowery. Sadly, they have developed some splits and I am due for a replacement pair. You can buy little dog wellies too. Harry doesn't look like he needs them though. XXX


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