Friday, April 4

In Stitches

I can remember the first sewing machine I had that did running stitch. That’s all it did.
The machine I have now is a all singing, all dancing model but rarely do I ever use anything other than running stitch; so today I had a little play with base plate A and presser foot J.

I am working my way up to free style embroidery….but what prevents me is the fear of doing something to my machine and being without even my plain old running stitch.

A bit of an experiment….not sure what it will become.


  1. now i'm jealous! those stitches are great...i can only run or zig zag on my petite janome!

    i'm liking all your green sample stitches. the blanket stitch is v nice as is your experiment. happy sewing! and happy weekend...i'll email you soon xxx

  2. Yes mine has a large range of stitches too but I've never used them. I might be tempted now, your piece of art is just lovely and deserves to be displayed!

  3. What wonderful stitches. x

  4. I decided that it was time to try out the freestyle quilting/embroidery foot on my best friend and it was so much fun that I can't wait to try some machine embroidery. And to reassure you, I popped good old presser foot J back on and away we went, perfectly straight and perfect as before. So go wild! XXX
    ps. How did you manage those lovely curves on your fantastic creations with straight stitching???

  5. Loving those stitches! I'm exactly the same, I use the same old stitches all the time. We get so tied up in making what we make that we sometimes forget to play!

    L x

  6. .... what .... you mean there are other stitches .... ??


  7. What beautiful stitches.I must try harder;-)Sal

  8. Hi Gigi,
    Those pretty stitches are similar to the ones on our industrial Bernina, although we have only used a few. I am of to experiment with my domestic 'pfaff' now (don't laugh!) which has some good decorative stitches. Good luck with the freehand embroidery, i'm sure you will produce something fantastic.
    x ginny
    ps. is Stella going to the on the buses convention?

  9. Oooo I like the leaf one,it looks like a beanstalk! I'm amazed you can do blanket stitch on your machine flash!

  10. Anonymous7:21 PM

    REALLY - I am looking my cutest and I get 9 from myself and you do a few fancy stitches and everyone's a commenter!!!!
    You may never kiss me again.
    Monkey. ******************

  11. muffin2:48 PM

    My machine is very basic, abit like me. Have you seen the work of Linda Miller? She makes the most amazing pictures with a fairly standard machine I understand.


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