Monday, April 28

Where has my Sewing Mojo Gone?

All this lovely felt and 2 hours got me absolutely nowhere....

It didn't help that I didn't really know what I was doing up in my sewing nook.

Tomorrow I have narrowed it down to two options, something to do with cats and something that has nothing to do with cats.


  1. Yummy felt...
    It's ok to lose your mojo sometimes...I have lost mine many many times. Then you wake up one morning and hey presto, it's back. :)Yours will be too.

  2. mojo loss is so normal (i hope anyway!), mine has been missing in action for a couple of weeks! where did you get that scrummy felt from, it's gorgeous!. i'd just sit and stroke it, never mind sew it : )

  3. Stroking felt....I thought it was just me:)

    Most of the felt you see in the photo came from Purl in New York and the rest were felted jumpers.

  4. What scrumptious felt! There are some days when I stay completely away from my sewing room, I have learned that if I'm not feeling creative then nothing goes right.
    Or worse, something is made with two heads or three legs!
    I think a break is good every now and then.

  5. I love the colours! XXX

  6. ahhh the loss of the mojo.....
    it may be on vacation with my mojo
    cheeky devils.
    t x

  7. Anonymous2:41 PM

    There is nothing that isn't to do with cats!
    The 'N' XX

  8. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I think that was a double negative...I believe invented by cats.
    The 'N'.

  9. oooh, yummy looking felt, love those colours. I'm busy working with some lovely red wool felt at the moment......
    Have you tried looking under the table for your mojo, or maybe Harry ate it...? ;)

    L x

  10. For goodness sake, is that my birthday pressie you are talking about, get sewing girl:) Also, I use to love mojo's did you?

  11. hensteethart6:43 PM

    Work through it girl, work through it!

  12. I think they're selling mojo at Sainsbury's at the moment .... buy one, get one free ....

    Fabulous felt, I look forward to seeing what you create with it. Kitty style or otherwise.


  13. Beautiful colours I probably wouldn't want to cut into them!

  14. do you know I think perhaps you should consider making something to do with cats....

    My Mojo has completely gone to- usually means its time to shop.....


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