Friday, May 2

Another Year Older

When I was young I used to find it ridiculous how some women wouldn’t say how old they were but now I am beginning to realise why they did it. I am seriously thinking of becoming vaguely in my 40’s from now on, which is true but I am plan to stay there for a good while.
Age is a funny thing – not funny ha ha or even funny peculiar but I think a bit of a tool to be pigeon holed by.
Stella and I travelled to Ikea for our Birthday adventure.
I wasn’t the best of days to go out – I woke up with a bad back which I have NEVER in my life suffered from; the weather was dreadful and we had nothing but traffic delays getting there.
I bought some lovely linen for £3.49 per metre which already is helping me out of my sewing rut.

Harry, Sam and I had a lovely walk earlier – dare I say Spring has definitely arrived?


  1. My granny always adds a year on to her age, so maybe it does a full circle, telling everyone youe older when your young(possibly to get served in a pub!) with a vague bit around the middle when you become '40ish' or '50something' and then when you get to 97 you can tell everyone you're in your 98th year!
    I'm quite looking forward to my 40th..they say life begins then don't they!
    Hope the back's getting better...

  2. Happy Birthay! May there be cards and gifts and plenty of cake for you!

    ... and that bad back is definitely NOTHING to do with being 40 something - honest!


    (from someone who had to have a back op shortly after turning 30 ... how depressing ...)

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    People will think I don't do anything other than walk on the beach with you.....................................
    uummmm The 'N'. x

  4. Happy Birthday, I hope Stella made you a yummy Birthday cake ;)

    I know what you mean about the age thing, I've decided I'm staying in my late 20's even though I'm in my 30's, nobody'll know.....!

    L x

  5. Happy birthday to you! Monty, Merlin and Miss Dog (Poppy) send their furry kisses and loves. Lucky you going to Ikea. I need my passport if I want to go there. Looking forward to seeing the linen in action. What a great price. XXX

  6. Happy Birthday Gigi. You're only as old as you feel - unfortunately today I feel about 95.....:-)

  7. 21 again huh? Happy Birthday to you.

  8. Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.
    Sure would love to walk along that beach, it looks lovely.

  9. Happy belated birthday.

  10. muffin10:13 PM

    yes. Happy birthday - Aries or taurus? They seem to get here quicker the old you get so make the most of every day! what are you going to make with this fabric you got from Ikea? I'll be hanging on your every blog to see!


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