Friday, June 6

Come into the Garden Maude.

Tip: to keep old people happy give them jobs to do.
Granny came over this afternoon and raked the ‘lawn’ after the man of the house had mown it. I supervised from a safe distance mainly pointing ( a speciality)
The next thing I knew obviously inspired from watching Time Team they exposed the long forgotten path that runs to the garage.

Before (with Dandelion mousing)
After (avec feed bucket)

Plans are afoot to shape the boarders and a flower fund has been started for a visit to the garden centre.
Hard landscaping is mucho expensive.
While still in the garden area do any of you know the name of this rose?

It smells divine and despite neglect keeps flowering.


  1. i love that name maude : )
    i need some gardeners here. ours is so overgrown...the constant rain/sun/rain isn't helping. i am supposed to be head weeder and am hoping to get the sack from head lawn cutter (c) soon!

    the path's a great job done! sorry can't name the rose. i cut some from my garden today and brought inside so i can enjoy their scent.

    nice day there. hope it comes out way! xxx

  2. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Dandelion was revising for her GCSE in nature actually - as if my adorable fluff ball of love would actually kill a small harmless nay defenceless mouse and say...oh I dunno...leave it under the Christmas tree with the presents, or just bite the end of its tail of. Shane on you!!! The 'N' XX

  3. Can I borrow your granny? and can she bring Dandelion for a visit..I like her ;0)
    don't know the rose sorry..there's so many though..just appreciate it for its yummy smell..or make up a name...whos to know!!

  4. After Prettyshabby is finished with granny can I borrow her?
    I have been looking up in my gardening books to see if I could find your rose, so far no luck but I'm still looking.

  5. The advice for old people is great. But it makes being in someone else's house easier for many people (those that don't know us or our homes so very well) when we give them something to do, at least in my experience.

  6. I have a bit of a flower fund going on at the minute too. Don't know the name of that rose but it is absolutely gorgeous. Love the new look steps too!


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