Tuesday, June 10

Continuing on a Garden Theme

Lovely new plants for the garden.

I have a great fondness for hydrangeas

And Lavender

I spent a few hours making lists of what plants I wanted knowing that the majority wouldn't be available locally but I was able to get the type of lavender I wanted (Hidcote)
Even though my back garden is north facing it is sunny for most of the day....and being right by the sea I have tried to chose plants that can take the wind as well.

As I have been writing this post a lady in a beach towel has just walked past my window - it's quite normal for this time of year as there are an awful lot of sea bathers in the road!Anywhere else I think it would be considered very strange!

Stella has made the most gorgeous bag for her daughter.....she has posted a few photos over on Florence Hope -


  1. 2 of my favourites too lynn. i like how you took the time to think of what you wanted before buying...happy planting!

    love that bag by the way. best yet. xxx

  2. Those hydrangeas are simply beautiful, I really love the red one.
    I think your garden is going to be just beautiful!

  3. Hydrangeas, roses and lavender, perfect!

  4. Hello. Looks like you are having fun in your garden, love what Maude did too!
    Those Florence Hope bags are gorgeous...what a lucky girlStells daughter is. My girls bedlinen is a bit like the lining. Original 70's stuff (was their dad's as a child).
    Looking forward to seeing you new interiors too.

  5. Do you walk to the sea wrapped in a bath towel?

  6. Thank you for all the gardening love.
    One of my biggest challenges when choosing plants is can Harry trash it? Will it survive when Harry digs it up?

    Ginny - Stella has just told me the lining is or was an old duvet so it's probably the same as yours!

  7. Lynn, it's the men in towels you have to worry about! I have lavender Hidcote, which I bought at Hidcote. It does have a lovely flower. Good choice. x

  8. Oh good choice. Hydrangeas and lavender are two of my favourites too. I got very excited when I realised we have a huge lavender growing in the front garden! But I would like to plant some others too.

  9. A perfect choice of lovely plants ;-)


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