Thursday, September 18

Nature Table

This is Mr Bumble bee.

Click on the photo and you will see his dusty coat.
He has been my patient for most of yesterday. He came out of the wood burner.
I had a breakthrough this morning after a fretful nights sleep…as I was sure he was dying I thought his last few moments should be spent on the sedum I recently brought so I put him on and then put the plant in the sunshine.
First he started feeding then he started washing himself and then he was gone.
We cleaned the pond out at the weekend.Fish babies were found – one big baby,named Blackie as surprise, surprise he is black with gold flashes and 3 little brown ones which I am not naming yet in case they don’t survive.

Can you see their open mouths….they are asking for second breakfast. I know fish are meant to be thick but mine seem very intelligent…


  1. Oh, I put dying insects on flowers too! Do you think it is an instinctive thing? I am so glad Mr Bumble Bee survived, maybe he will go and hibernate somewhere cosy.

  2. I do the same thing too, I love bumble bees, they look really cuddly, not that I've ever cuddle one though! Glad he or should that be she lived to see another day. Ohh and fish babies, how exciting, I don't think I've ever seen a fish baby.

  3. What a lovely lady you are x

  4. Oh, he's so dusty...I'm glad he survived. I love the detail in his wings, they look so fragile. And fish babies....I've never seen fish babies either.

  5. of course your fish babies are the brightest in the brought them up to be like that : )

    do you know my dad would be so delighted to see your kindness to mr bumble. that's just the sort of thing he does too. the world's a better place for people who care like you.

    will be in touch post-ireland! in the meantime sending hugs xxx

  6. your fish do look intelligent i must say... but i wouldn't expect anything less from your fish.
    and you nursed Mr BumbleBee back to health...well done Florence!
    gorgeous photo of him on the sedum.

  7. Hi you, nice fish babies, is'nt it a thrill when you find them, a whole underwater world goingon, we know nothing about!
    x Vicky x

  8. How sweet to rescue a little bumble bee, the poor little things aren't doing so good lately, and they are so good for the garden.

  9. That is so lovely. I absolutely adore bees. I am going to get a tattoo done of 2 little bees soon. One of my wishes in life is one day to be able to keep bees (if there are any still alive by the time this becomes reality!).

    They do such an important job and should be valued.


  10. What a relief that My Bumble Bee survived his adventure, and yes I too pop them on flowers. maybe we should all form some sort of society.
    Marvellous fish, I'm envious, I can't seem to keep fish.

  11. Sarah Campbell10:28 PM

    Ooh so buddhist!! I am very impressed with your nurturing abilities. I'm afraid I've spent the evening swatting fruit flies.
    I'm jealous of your fish pond. Did you make it yourself? We want one on the croft but don't quite know how to do it.

  12. I'm so glad you saved Mr. Bumble Bee, I think they are such sweet little insects.

    How are the baby fish doing?

    L x


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