Tuesday, September 9

Rain and More Rain

I actually like all this rain we’re having.
Since having my roof fixed I don’t have a panic attack every time the heavens open. However English weather is rubbish.
With yesterday’s sunny window I had an unscheduled trip to 3 garden centres…..needless to say it wasn’t in the company of my husband who usually drives faster when we go past any but with plant lover and good friend Louise lately of New York.
It wasn’t just flowers on show…..

We arrived just in time for afternoon tea.

I could have quite easily gone plant crazy as at this one particular nursery the plants were gorgeous but showed amazing restraint…

The Florence Hope sweat shop opened for business today….Stella managed to stab her finger with a brooch back but luckily we had a first aider present who found plasters and also went into the village and brought back donuts.
We seem to be in denial about Christmas but were discussing Easter which seemed a lot nicer visually to think about.
How can you tackle the C word without thinking in clichés?

Can't resist cotton reels....


  1. Glad to hear the sweat shop got going today, hope the brooch injury doesn't put Stella off working in it ;)

    L xx

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  3. OK ... let's try again, only this time without the appalling typos.

    I have just moved somewhere that has a totally 'bare' garden. Not a thing in it apart from grass. It's only the size of a postage stamp, but I'm loving dreaming up what I might plant in it. That nursery looks wonderful.


    PS Thanks for the special dispensation for my music!

  4. Lovely geese in rain. Lovely cotton reels. You are a good writer.

  5. like a donut - especially a hot one!

  6. mmmm... the beginning of the previous post has been lost in the ether! It started - "Nothing aids recovery like a donut!

  7. I'm crazy about rain. I like it so much. I think the english weather is very nice because it never brings too many days of heat and has a lot of rain.
    It's true that here the rain is not so frequent as in England, maybe I would, then, don't like it as much as I do.
    We had a problem with the roof some years ago and I was in panic when it rained but since then, when we fixed it, I'm back to my crazyness about rain.

  8. And I like geese very much too - but I seldom see them.

  9. i have a hard time resisting plants at garden centers also, I usually buy them and then panic about where I am going to put them when I get home, I am such a hopeless planner!
    Lovely geese by the way.

  10. Love the cotton reels.
    I am a fair weather gardener, so it's been a bit neglected the last few weeks!
    My sisters garden is flooded!

  11. donuts always soothe a stabbed finger. poor stella.
    ooh don't get me started on cotton reels... can't resist photographing them.
    ginny xx
    p.s easter sounds good to me

  12. Gorgeous geese! And cotton reels - can't resist them either.

  13. Ah! My husband has the 'foot on the accelerator-sorry dear? what was that?' approach to driving past garden centres. Unless it's the one in england somewhere we saw once that had a licensed bar!!! Unfortunately it's about 350miles away so i can't encourage him there!

  14. Also liked the cotton reels. Did you actually buy anything at the garden centres? I like all the pots and 'stuff' you can get and if they serve teas, so much the better. Sorry about the brooch back - hope you were still able to use it! Ha!ha!

  15. My C word is caravans at the mo.
    Poor Stella - send my love - I hope she was brave.
    Oh and say Hi to Louise too - did she bring back lots of lovely notions this time?

  16. hope that stella's injury is on the mend! i don't know...any excuse to slack off : )

    donuts? yes please!

    i need a c word plan as i have spent all my money on autumn clothes!!! x

  17. monkee maker7:30 AM

    Ooh, I wish it was Easter. Then we'd be staring down the barrel of a brilliant summer .... well, it's only fair after this one was so pants, don't you think??

    Loving the goosey shots.


  18. Yep, I keep coming up with a mix of cliches and Easter too! had one slightly exciting - well, to me anyway - idea but no fabric suitable for it so sat in a state of biscuit-eatingness instead!!! xx

  19. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I inherited some of moms old buttons still on the cardboard. I took them off of it and put them in a jar. Now after seeing your photos, I am wishing I had kept them in the old form. I am throughly enjoying your blog. It is so Inspiring,

  20. ooh the cotten reels are gorgeous!

    I love garden centres, luckily they please us both, me for the plants and Carl the machinary and tools!

    Talking of the C word, I already made my puddings!

  21. My hens have eaten all my heucheras..they were nearly as lovely as on that garden centre display stand but alas they are now mere stumps..Nice geese.. were they just milling around the garden centre then?! hope stellas finger has stopped throbbing..I'm sure the donuts make a big difference to the pain.. you cant beat a donut for pain relief!


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