Sunday, October 5

Should Be

Husband has been packed off to football.

Sewing machine has been brought downstairs so I can sew as close to the heat source as possible.

But what is I doing?

Mucking about with my computer and watching Jane Ayre – and I should just say it’s not a good version with William Hurt and a particularly unattractive Charlotte Gainsbourg who reminds me of Sandy from Monkey!

This displacement, procrastination is something I’ve pretty much perfected….if you are going to not fulfill your own potential then by God do it properly if that’s not a contradiction?

To change the subject slightly I am pretty sure I have spotted a Dunnock in the back garden. It looks like an over sized sparrow and although my sparrows are very well feed and rather plump-cious it’s solitary habit and lack of sparrow like behaviour leads me to this conclusion.

I also had this rather large visitor last week.
Flew off when I tried to give it some bird food.


  1. Greetings! I am back, and liking the new header picture - is that you sitting modestly, sewing away? Or is she unwrapping a kitkat? Hard to tell... Will email soon. x

  2. ooo...lovely new feel to the blog. you can't go wrong with a spot of grey : )

    i am just sitting down to some sewing jobs after spending all morning cooking lunch. i've made myself a list but have already veered off the to-do's by turning on the computer!

    if my dad calls round i'll ask him about your visitor as he is a bird man. enjoy your procrastinational sunday!

    hugs xxx
    p.s. i heart miss monkey gainsbourg...although she's not at her best as jane eyre i admit. do you remember the version with timothy dalton? we watched that one at school when we studied the book.

  3. My husband and son at rugby and I said I was doing house work but instesd I sneak in some sewing and look at flickr!

  4. Dunnock's are also known as hedge sparrows here and are often confused with house sparrows, my husband tells me that once you begin to recognize them they are easy to tell apart.
    As for not fulfilling ones potential, well I'm ding that spectatuclarly at the moment, I'm quite the procrastinator extradordinaire!

  5. You and me both today then!

    Yes, you have a Dunnock. Does it scuttle about the ground quite a lot? Mine does, under the bird feeder. Lovely little thing.

    Your new look is divine.

  6. Since looking at your blog - I too have been fiddlin' with no sucess - inspired by your clock I tried to add one to my blog an hour later and a room blue with the language- no success - will have to get Ben the sixth former onto it - I thought I had learnt when he put the music on aggggh computers!!!!!!!!!

  7. A Dunnock? I'm not sure I've ever seen one of those - I'm off to google to see what it looks like.

    Love the new header/colours. x

  8. *SNAP*
    I too am sitting on my computer NOT doing the lots of good things I ought to be.
    And I am excellently not doing it.
    It's all in the practise, you see.
    I have the whole thing down to a fine art.

    Love the new banner.

  9. Do I see a new header too? It's lovely!

    I had lots of jobs to do today and had a feet up (as much as is possible with a 17 month old) day instead! hehe

  10. Hmmmm I was watching Jane Eyre too but personally I think Charlotte Gainsbourg makes a good Jane Eyre. After all, Jane is supposed to be plain and unearthly. I don't actually mind Willian Hurt either. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything Brontë.

  11. Anonymous8:22 AM

    I'm gonna eat that bird - it sounds tasty!! Dandelion!!XXX

  12. Sarah Campbell8:25 AM

    New banner looks great! It's making me want to cosy up by the fire too...if I had one on!OK to chop wood, Brrr!

  13. Love the top of your blog. Its not brilliant when you sit down to watch some show your expecting and it leaves a dissappointing taste.

  14. Lovely! You have made me laugh cos I'm doing the same! And I have orders to get out!!! xx

  15. Fiddlin about...m too. But I'm doing it SERIOUSLY and catching up with 235 unread items on 'reader'. Yours brings it down to a mere 109 to go. I'm sure this makes me a saddo.

  16. caireen4:58 PM

    Sounds like a dunnock - for some reason we had them in our last garden too - you can tell by the behaviour, they tend to stick to feeding on the ground, you will rarely see it up on things and it won't hang from the feeder like a sparrow will. Apparently they are quite promiscuous, despite their drabness, but tend to be solitary. All this I have learned from THE BOOK!!xx


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