Saturday, November 22

Foraging Highlights

My friend Louise and I visited a Christmas fair this morning..
I was trying NOT to find any little treasures but I basically can’t help myself and within a few minutes my eyes fell upon this


I’m not showing you everything as well I think finds are similar to holiday snaps – best in small doses.
However I have always wanted ones of these

And how could I leave this little fellow behind?

My new approach to bringing ‘stuff’ home and maintaining equilibrium is to let something else ‘go’
I love having a home that is full of interesting finds and with my attraction to colour and texture I have decided not to fight it anymore – it’s integral to who I am.


  1. I could'nt agree with you more. You are who you are, don't fight it. That is my religion too.
    Brilliant finds.

  2. Realising that we are who we are, and not needing an excuse for it, is, I think a sign of growing up. Your finds are beautiful. x

  3. Yep.. no fighting, required..
    Lovely bits & bobs..
    Marion ;0)

  4. Yay, she blogs! Great finds - especially love that jug and bowl. My day has been equally successful as the chocolate brown cotton I have been seeking for bags for ages has finally been tracked down... in Tesco of all places, cunningly disguised as a tablecloth... It's a skill, this finding nice things, remember that.

  5. If you are creative collecting is natural, lovely items.x

  6. I visited a Christmas Fair too today,I happened to notice it was on when I was at the local shops, sadly I didn't find anything at all to buy and only spent 50p guessing the weight of the cake :)
    I was hoping the White Elephant stall would be filled with vintage china which is my current obsession but they only had naff old junk. I can't agree with you though, I love seeing people's finds in large doses!

  7. don't fight it, feel it! wise words from primal scream and you too...keep finding those gems and giving them a good home! x

  8. Know what you mean about blog etiquette, I suppose it's kind of like book titles on the shelf, except the author knows if you have it! There are blogs I read cos I got to know the people a bit and I love to catch up with their lives, but there are blogs I love to visit because they inspire me, and they are the ones I put in the list mainly. love that blue vintage lady!cx


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