Monday, November 24

Blog of the Week

I want to discuss the delicate subject of blog lists or links.
There seems to be a very grey area and an uneasy etiquette surrounding editing lists and although everyone feels happy being adding to another persons list what happens when you feel like a bit of a clear out?
There are blogs I like to read regularly there are lots I dip into from time to time; ones I discover and think are fantastic only to tire of within a short time.

Links are an integral part of finding new blogs and more importantly being found but dare I ask how many of our lists truly reflect on what we are currently reading?
I don’t want to end up having a list that goes on and on, which holds no relevance but I don’t want to cause offence if I remove a name.
In my attempt at generating an almost ‘live’ list I am launching Blog of the Week.
I would love you all to join in – each week offer one blog you might of found which you are enjoying or one that you just love visiting. You don't have to commit forever, just a week. Of course they can come from your regular list as well. Anything goes :)
I have created a side bar so if you are short of time you can just click on it and share what I am currently enjoying.

So today I am going to get the bloggy ball rolling by introducing you to Hensteeth.
I found Viv through Flickr. She is a breath of fresh air and I love her original quirky style.
Better go and let Viv know :-)


  1. Great idea....I've just been thinking of have a blogroll tidy up. Viv's blog is a lovely inspiring place to visit. I think this is going to be fun...

  2. Very well put and a nice solution. We will all have to up the ante now!

  3. I've just been and visited Hensteeth and as a Julie Arkell fan have thouroughly enjoyed it. This blog was recently recommended to me by Elspeth Thomson (who also has a lovely blog)
    it is beautifully written.

  4. You have put into words what I have been thinking for a while. I think that it is only natural that our tastes in blog reading material changes just as our choices in reading matter changes - sometimes I want a comfort read and sometimes I want to be challenged. I am planning a spring clean when I get a chance - maybe a redesign! Great idea about Blog of the Week. I have to admit that I am really lazy and only go to blogs that I find on the links of blogs I like - I know, I'm a rotten blogger!

  5. I have to confess my own list is out of date, but I do have a clear out every now and then,as often blogs run out of steam just like I have. I've neglected my own blog for various reasons recently, so I promise I won't be offended if you remove me from your list, in fact I feel slightly embarrassed that I'm still on it :)
    Thanks for the link, I'm off to visit Hensteeth now.

  6. Yet again Lynn, you talk about a tricky subject and deal with it very well.
    Thank you for nominating me to be your first 'blog of the week', I am so pleased, thank you....I think it's a great idea!

  7. My blog list has grown to enormous proportions so I don't always comment but I do still like to click on them randomly to see what people are up to.

    I've always wanted one of those wooden art models too and picked one up this very weekend. It's currently in a "running pose". Goodness knows what I'll use it for .... apart from posing it, obviously ....


  8. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I don't have a blog - cos I'd swear too much and say something bad - but I have blog feeds to my web page and I'm always deleting and adding new ones. I demand to be entertained!!! I want pictures and I want tears and drama or cute stuff and funnyness. Simple demands I'm sure you will agree!!
    The Neighbour.

  9. I've found many a good blog by clicking on the blog lists of others I enjoy reading. But I don't know 'Hens Teeth' ... so I'm just off to have a look round. Thanks! x

  10. i know what you mean about this, the links on my blog haven't properly been updated for over a year, some which i used to visit regularly, i hardly read nowadays. no bad reflection on the blog, it's just my areas of interests are changing and developing.

  11. what a great idea - i plan on a re-jig of my list soon as it is currently taking up far too much room.
    i LOVE Hens Teeth - i am a great big lurker over there :)

    hope you are well
    t x

  12. Wonderful idea about the blog lists.
    I have some on my list that I haven't visited for such a long time, mainly because every time I do nothing has changed.

  13. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I love that you are spring cleaning your blog. Life is not static neither is blog reading.. that is what is so wonderful about this community... you can click on a link on someones blog and a whole new world of blogs and fascinating folk opens up. Great idea to do a blog of the week. I have seen sites do an artist of the week too. All great for creative inspiration and soul food. I have blog lines now so i read many sites that don't appear on my blog list as well as many that do. I didn't discover this till i'd blogged for a while.. i find it really useful and can pick which ones to read.
    Hen's teeth is a great blog to highlight. Look forward to next week.
    Ginny x

  14. Yep just love brown paper tied up with string.... I like to hand stamp it too, or wrap around flowers, how's that blog list debate thingy you were talking about going..?

  15. I understand you. My blog list is just the roll of blogs I like to read. So, I put them in my list to find them easely everytime I want to read them. I never expect a link back or else. They are there just to my confort. Sometimes I clean it up, sometimes I add more - it's growing. Yours is there. I like to come here.

  16. Yes, found hen's teeth a while ago and am loving her blog. She also seems a very nice person which is double good.

  17. Hi Gigi,

    Facebook hasn't been as addictive as I thought actually and I have found a couple of old friends which has been nice. It's nice to peruse every now and then.

    Working full time and trying to get my sewing enterprise off the ground on top of everything else right now means I scarcely have enough time to do anything much as it is let alone find a few hours to volunteer in a charity shop.

    So I'm afraid I just have to live in the virtual world sometimes in the evening because that's all I can do right now. Sad old git that I am!

  18. hens teeth is one of my favourites and has been on my list almost from the beginning. But I agree its a tricky one. With google reader/blogs I'm following/and my actual list ...I am over committed!
    But I like to dip in from time to time on all the blogs I have listed.

  19. great idea...i am always on the lookout for new sites and hensteeth is wonderful. i hotfooted over there from your link a few weeks ago! i also have to raise my hand on the outdated list debate...mine needs a big tidy up itself. i agree that flickr is a good place to find new reads...i also tend to look at etsy profiles for a blog link if i like the work. my latest fave is where there's always a bit of humour with a nice photo...bit late for your week one i know! x

  20. I read so many blogs and don't have a favourite- I see each entry as a conversation I can listen to or ignore- if I see hundreds of pictures of pets I get a bit click happy but sometimes my tiny mind hasnt the patience for long rambling entries about the meaning of life, but every one gets a second chance and I always pop back do need to update my list though!

  21. I love bloglists to find people that i haven't found before but don't always have the time to mess with blogger putting them on or taking off. I tend to go to the blogs i know have bloglists and work my way through them! Is that cheating!?

    I hope you don't mind but 'm off to go down yours now!

  22. I was delighted to find HensTeeth the other day ! Not sure how I arrived there!!
    I keep my sidebar list but now I've added them to Dashboard and so that saves me a lot of time as I can see who has posted something new.
    Your blog is as fab as ever ;-)

  23. You are so right about the blogroll! I really need to shortlist mine...but it's a tricky thing!!
    Have loved Viv's blog for some time - great choice!
    Love your new brooches on flickr xx


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