Monday, November 10

Oh the Glamour.

Filthy weather.

Husband took the hound out….

House now smells of damp dog.

Had to unblock my kitchen drain….without rubber gloves; I wouldn’t recommend this.

Comfort food is required to keep body and soul together-sausages, baked potatoes, vegetables, and left over buttery onion sauce.


  1. Golly that sounds good. Buttery onion sauce - mmm. I love that bit in Wind in the Willows when Mole is feeling really cheerful on a spring morning and shouts 'Onion Sauce' at the lambs to make them move out of his way. I'm not sure if it features in yer actual book or whether it's just in the (very good) TV animated version with Alan Bennett and the Redgrave woman. I remember this because I once had little boys...

    Procrastinating, moi??

  2. Such a good meal. I'd like some, please.


  3. My buttery onion sauce was indeed left over from the roast lamb we had yesterday and was even nicer today warmed up.
    It was lovely on the baked potatoes.

  4. It has persisted down here ALL DAY. I'm fed up with it. x

    PS: Word verification = tackle. I've never had a 'proper' word before :-D

  5. Mmmmmm....comfort food.

  6. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Sounds like an excuse to me. Lets hope 'S' doesn't find out there has been damp dogs and BUTTERY sauce!!
    The Neighbour

  7. I'm coming to your house for dinner, I couldn't think of a better meal after a wet dog smell, drain unclogging day!

  8. behind the the snapshots of gigi-life!

    buttery onion sauce. i keep saying it over and over in my head and am pretty much drooling as i type! it sounds divine! x

  9. I'm impressed. My comfort foods involve a lot more sugar, fat and cocoa powder and then lots more.

  10. I have spent the night being thrown up over by 4 children not even sausages can save me now

  11. Hee... hee.. you blog made me laugh out loud, you have lovely things on both your blogs..
    Kindest regards Marion

  12. Hi Lynn
    Thanks for your message regarding Telegraph. No I didn't know about that mention so I would love it if you still have a copy, dog slobber and all ;-)
    Thanks honey
    Donna x

  13. Thank you for sending it honey. That was so lovely of you.

    Every time I see buttery onion sauce my mouth waters!


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