Sunday, December 28

It's Over

My trial by turkey is over and I for one am glad that I won’t need to have any Christmassy thoughts for another year.
I know I am not a fan of Christmas but each year I always have the same thought after I have dished up the turkey that next year I will do it all differently and will not succumb to Christmas hysterics but I still do.
Today I went to the sales where I thought I might indulge myself with some frippery or other but ended up buying my husband non sale experimental underpants and another jacket from Musto. Something is wrong somewhere.
I guess if you have children Christmas is different but I do find it completely overrated.
Highlights on TV
Wallace and Gromit
RKO Story (currently on BBC4)- tonight it’s Fred and Ginger
30 Rock –repeat but so, so good
Lark Rise to Candleford – what was that all about?
Dr Who- Tripe


  1. I quite enjoy it when all the hard preparation is over. This year I have rebelled slightly (ooh!)by not actually getting round to sending christmas cards to people who live in my village who I used to work with but I now never see. I'm sure they won't notice.
    I entirely agree about Larkrise. Lowest common denominator stuff.

  2. What are 'experimental underpants'? I may be being obscenely ignorant by not knowing, but never mind. I'd love to know.

    I didn't enjoy the whole Christmas thing this year - largely, I suspect, because I set myself the target of doing too much, and not feeling well. I'm not sorry it's over, I must admit.

    Enjoying it being the school holidays though, with no rushing in the mornings - that's the best bit.

    I have never seen Larkrise, so can't comment. Wallace & Grommit was 'cracking' though!


  3. Yes, I too want to know what kind of experiments Nigel (or you?) intend to perform using or wearing said underpants. Do enlighten us all...

    Another enthusiastic nod for Wallace and Gromit. They never disappoint do they? Loved 'Cheasy Jet' on the advertising hoarding.

    I too probably tried to overstretch myself this year. All went well and seemed to be appreciated, but I am left feeling somewhat flat. Suspect this is rather a common feeling for we alpha females.

  4. I took to bed with a bad cold and missed it!
    I'm not sure I want to know about the experimental underpants

  5. Hi you...
    Naaa it isn't you love..! Christmas fever was all over the place where I live too, a complete nitemare...!! & If one more client came in & moaned on I swear, I was gonna stab someone...
    & as for lark rise to candle ford...! don't even get me started...!!Walked outta room to find the cheesy puff nibbles..
    I did love though, have seen it thousands of times,... bugger, I can't remember the film title now, it's got 'am gonna wash that man right outta my hair...'here's to 2009...

  6. Yes, Wallace and Gromit good stuff, otherwise TV absolute disgrace. I spend Christmas alone now and it is good to be selfish after years of catering for other people, no cooking or noise. Love your blog.

  7. Just wanted to say a big thank you L for always being a great support to me. I wish you a very happy, creative new year my friend x

  8. Happy New Year to you - even if you do think Dr Who is tripe!

  9. Oh dear, have another humbug flower, you'll feel better :) I know what you mean though. I love the lead up to christmas but can't help but feel slightly let down afterwards. If it snowed I think it would have a completely different feel though. I hate the hassle of taking all the tree and decs down, it makes me feel a bit sad.
    TV was crap and that's being polite ! I'm looking forward to the new Jonathan Creek tonight ... hope I won't be disappointed.
    Happy New Year & enjoy hubby's new pants (he! he!) x

  10. happy new year! tv? what tv? i avoided it all somehow...with the christmas flu. i did record larkrise but sounds like i needn't bother. you can always rely on bbc4 for something good it seems : )

    onwards and upwards...i hope 2009 is especially good for you and for florence hope too! xxx

  11. Oh, how lovely to be back! Between house stuff, school and no internet (!!!!!!) blogging took a long holiday. Now I'm enjoying my summer holiday I can get back into it again. Thanks for the lovely comment on my first day back! Now we all need a photo of the 'experimental underpants'. Dr Who is tripe in my opinion. Better go and check on dinner. Friends coming over. Not like me at all to invite people over, but I was on the phone like a socialite this morning. Normally I'm quite happy with the normal peaceful state of affairs.

  12. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Glad I am not the only one who doesn't see what all the Dr Who fuss is all about.

    Christmas is great but I am glad it is over for another year too, too much illness in the house this year, I am fed up with it!

    Very much looking forward to spring now! yay! Come on daffodils!

  13. Lynn you have us all intrigued by these new pants of your Mister''s purely the word 'experimental' I think it conjures up images of masks and dark horse you.
    Happy New Year x

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  15. Hi hope all is well... no posts from you for a while...? Happy New Year to you...
    Kind Regards Marion

  16. Nice to here from you....

  17. Hey Lynn,

    I've given you an award. Pop to my blog and have a look.


  18. trial by turkey - ha!

    can't agree over Dr. Who though...


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