Monday, December 1

That Monday Feeling

I’m not sure I should be sitting here writing a post and watching Murder She Wrote as I have promised my husband home made mince pies….but they don’t take that long to make do they??
This morning I had a lesson on my new sewing machine.
Michael came over and was very happy going over my list of queries – part of the package when I bought my machine included a follow up lesson; being a visual person I like to be shown how to do things rather than read a manual.
I am so very pleased with my machine as although simple (not computerized) it does everything I want it to do.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since my past post!
It seems lots of you are liking blog of the week so I shall waste no time and introduce you to this week’s blog Mogwaii
Sarah is a lovely person and one very talented woman.
There is some rather exciting news over on Florence Hope...but I will give you a clue


  1. Hee hee I am the first. Your page in Sew Hip looks fantastic and I am very proud of you. Hope you sell loads but not so many you get a sore sewing finger (sounds like a strange medieval blessing).

  2. PS Mince pies take five hours...

  3. I love the idea of 'blog of the week'...Hens teeth is fab...I have already asked my other half for one of her lovely needle cases for christmas, as well as distressing her by the terrible news that most 18 year olds have not heard of Black Adder..sad but true...I can't say: 'what are we teaching these kids', as I am trying to teach these kids......
    I have also had a clear out of favourites...I suppose it's like spend a lot of time with someone then go into a period of not seeing them as much, then there are the constants and lastly the ones who are always there, you may not see all the time...but when you do its's like yesterday...thank you for your lovely blog...I may be being rather dim Florence Hope the name of your shop...if so your items are lovely and elegantly photographed....

  4. florence hope in print? how wonderful...and about time!! your photo looks fab.u.lous. i will be buying the magazine to get a proper look which you can autograph for me at a later date : )

    your machine is a beauty too. and great that you get to learn from an expert. i never read manuals and it probably means i'm missing out on getting the most out of mine.

  5. The Sew Hip page looks brilliant - no wonder they used the photo, it's a lovely one. Well done, to both of you.

    Mince pies? Are you making your own mincemeat or not? ;-)


  6. We HAVE to make mince pies as well....? Blimey when did this happen..!?

  7. mince pies and fame - what a start to December!
    you go girl - must pick the magazine up later this week.
    t x

  8. Mince pies are yum, our first 6 dozen have almost gone already (the customers ate them, not just me, otherwise I wouldn't get out of the studio door ;))
    Do you make your own mincemeat, it's really easy and very satisfying. If you'd like a nice recipe I've got a good one for it.
    Well done on your little bit of fame, did your tummy do a summersault? :)
    L x

  9. Massive congratulations on the page 3 spread. Glorious! (is it page three?)
    and I hope your sewing machine provides you with many years of knot free and purring sewing.

    xxx Sarah

  10. Anonymous8:43 PM

    I'd like to see Florence & Hope bare all on a page 3......
    The Neighbour.


  12. how exciting!!! i have only just got my little mitts on the first issue thanks to my lovely mum bringing one across the pond with her. i can't wait to see issue two...i am totally made up for you and Stella...HURRAH!

  13. Fabulous news, the photo is great in the mag. Congratulations !

  14. When I got the magazine and was flicking through it, I came across that page and thought to myself "I recognise those flowers!" I was really pleased for you to see your work in a magazine. Congratulations. :)

  15. Anonymous12:11 PM

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