Wednesday, January 21


Waiting for my plumber to arrive…. My (only) toilet wasn’t flushing this morning and was making a low grade hissing noise …….as I was brought up in a classic worst case scenario household I fear that water will start spewing forth at any minute and flood my home.

It’s funny but when I am waiting for a visitor or a parcel I seem unable to get on with normal business; I end up watching Jeremy Kyle or similar unworthy TV and boy is there plenty to choose from!

I have managed to take a few snaps of the latest batch of Lulu corsages…. So at last some pretty photos.


  1. Lovely corsages, are they going in the shop?
    I'm the same, but it's more web surfing than tv.

  2. You and I are a lot alike, I do the same thing when I am waiting for someone to arrive. I find myself flitting from thing to thing, I guess I just hate waiting for someone who says they will be there between 12 and 4pm, and at 3.45 they still haven't turned up!
    Hope the plumbing problem isn't to serious.
    Lovely corsages, such nice color for this time of year.

  3. Hello you... nice to hear you're back in the land of the living...
    Went to a trade show on Monday, saw some fab things, made by some talented people...
    Met up with a mutual friend of yours called Jane from 'snapdragons' I hope to place a large order with her,soon ... Small world Eh..!?
    PS like the pieces you're working on.. lovely..

  4. Hot flushes, cold flushes... what fun it all is! Life just keeps on surprising us, doesn't it?

    Love the corsages, beautiful colours. I wore my Lulu today :-)

  5. Hi Lynn,

    I know exactly what you mean. My boiler packed up on Sunday and the guy was due Tuesday, I couldn't settle until he'd been.

    Loving the corsages. Hope you got a few orders from the Country Living and Sew-Hip articles.


  6. You can't start something when you know someone is coming, because what if they come at the 'wrong' time? So you're just left doing 'bits'. Hope it's all fixed now! x

  7. Hope your plumber arrived, unlike ours last year when the heating broke down!

  8. pretty pretty photos!

    loving the new colours...very spring : ) we all love wearing our florence hope goodies over here in east anglia but i may feel another lulu coming on! (are you in flushing order again now?!) x

  9. I do like your new Lulus. Plumbing is a pain, we cant afford to get ours fixed.I'm suggesting the stinky boy trains as one.(dont worry, toilets usually only overflow if small boys poke teddies down them and repeatedly flush them)
    I always feel like I'm waiting for something and can never settle or get on with normal stuff,funny that.
    Sorry to hear the Arthritis has been playing you up, that really is not a nice thing to have to endure.
    Chin up.

  10. Hi there. Have just read your last post and wanted to ask if you have tried cider vinegar plus honey? Two of the first to one of the last in warm water twice a day is supposed to be the bees knees for just about everything but partic arthritis. Am trying it myself. Figured it was easy, cheap and worth a try. xx

  11. love this shade of blue.
    I can never get any work done when your waiting for people to arrive!


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