Sunday, February 15


Do you ever see something and think what a brilliant idea?
Why has no one thought of that before?
Well look at this!

It should win a prize for being the cutest thing alive.

Since I haven’t been well I’ve more or less given up with baking so I don’t always use up my eggs and I hate throwing them away…..
The finished wren – I am delighted how he came out….2 more in production as he was such fun to make.

The plate is one of my favourites….I love the designs of the pattern….such a rich vein for translation onto textiles.


  1. Aren't eggs weird like that? I either have a week where I use them all up and wish I'd bought more, or I leave them until they're out of date. Bad housekeeping I guess?

    The little wren is beautiful, I love it. x

  2. I've never seen that before, but what a good idea, sometimes I seem to use loads and then another time they seem to sit there for ages.
    Love the little bird, he's very cute.
    Take care.

  3. Once again you have put your finger on a weighty problem that is obviously very topical... eggs, I find, are like bananas. Either everyone is asking 'are there any more?' or one is having to make vast quantities of banana (or other) cake...

    Love your plate. Do you know, when I was an art student I had some beautiful Susie Cooper plates which I used to use as paint palettes... they all got grubby and broken...what a waste. I often think about them and feel guilty.

    We have just used up three eggs by making grated potato pancakes - the latest brunch ever in our household, at precisely 3.35pm... a record!

    Better go or people will think I'm having a guest slot on your blog...

  4. PS I see you have been slumming it at Waitrose again...

  5. Very sweet little bird!

  6. The little bird is adorable and looks so pretty there with the eggs.

  7. Oh! The plate...I love it!

  8. Your little bird turned out so lovely...I knew it would!

  9. Love your bird and that plate is divine.I have never been able to eat eggs unless they are in a cake!

  10. So you'll be making omlette for 2 then ...?

  11. The Co-op sells eggs in fours. My neighbour gave me some about a year or so back, and when I had used the eggs I couldn't bring myself to throw away the dear little box! I love the wren. Would you be able to make me one in the same colour. If so, I can give Stella the money. Loving the plate goes without saying. x

  12. Gosh, I use so many eggs that this wouldn't work for me - but it's still a good idea for others.

    I love the wren!!!

  13. The wren is very sweet. We get wrens in the garden and it's amazing how something so tiny can sing such a loud song!

    If you ever find yourself with a glut of eggs, I've heard you can mix them up and freeze them. They're fine like that for baking and omelettes/scrambled.


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