Friday, February 13

Watch the Birdie

Lately I have become obsessed with birds.

I have spent a lot of time trawling through Flickr looking at lovely textile birds other people have created and want to make my own…..but didn’t want to be inspired by somebody else’s work and end up making a poor facsimile.
I have always loved the birds on my bird table but they are so fast even getting a photo has not been successful so when a bird food catalogue popped through my letter box I was delighted to find lots of images I could use as a starting point.

This little wren is the bird I have chosen.

I took a rough tracing (with baking parchment!) and cut a template.

I will post the finished birdie once I have finished.
To change the subject slightly it is St Valentine’s Day tomorrow.
Here in the Gigibird household we have abandoned cards and flowers through mutual consent; I have just stipulated we have nice thoughts about one another…..however over at Florence Hope someone has gone a bit overboard…..


  1. Awww cute bear ... and also cute bird - can't wait to see it finished. (I have also used baking parchment in my time - I think I saw a quilting pattern I *had* to have, and so the baking parchment came out!) x

  2. Sweet bird,is that a liberty print on the wing?

  3. I sooo join you in the birdy love, I've really enjoyed making up all of my robin goodies in the last few months.
    Ditto on the lack of cards on V Day in this house too, i just make a big gooey chocolate cake in the shape of a heart! That eems to keep him happy!
    P.S. looking forward to seeing your little wren finished, they are such cute little birds. We have a few flitting about in the garden.

  4. Next thing we know you'll be tweeting!

  5. I think your birds are lovely and it is interesting to see your working process. I too love wrens. Looking forward to seeing him when he is finished. We have a singing wren in our garden who I'm afraid we rather unimaginatively call Christopher.

  6. I can't wait to see your little bird, I think it will be lovely.
    I just love it when little birds come to our feeders, this year we have had some that I haven't seen before.

  7. Anonymous4:00 PM

    I love your little wren, he is so sweet.

    Carl always buys a card and I always make one, instead to a gift Ollie drew (scribbled) on paper and I cut it into hearts with "I love daddy" on them and we stuck them on the window for him to see when he came home. It had the desired effect, lots of big smiles.

  8. Can't wait to see the birdie finished, it looks lovely!

  9. I do enjoy watching the wrens about the garden. In fact I go quite stupid. I find them just too cute for words. We buy each other cards for Valentines, but I like the idea of nice thoughts! x


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