Friday, February 27

Has Spring Sprung?

The wrens are breeding

I plan to make more as they are such fun to make.

It has been a joy to walk Harry these last few days as spring is definately in the air

The sea is so calm


  1. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hi Gigi,
    cute birds.
    Happy Spring?!!

  2. Awww, I love the birds - they're fab. I am SO jealous of your proximity to the sea. We are about as far inland as it's possible to be. x

  3. Love the birds, they're very cute.
    Take care.

  4. oh i hope so. it felt like it had sprung here today too. glad you've been having fun making those wrens...they are so sweet! beautiful seascapes by the way. pure therapy to behold. xxx

  5. Tweet little birds.
    I am very envious of your coastal location!

  6. isn't it lovely to have that taste of the spring - there's a freshness and newness (is that a word?)
    the birds are lovely - you do have a unique style.
    let's hope the springness continues.

  7. Do you have what I think are called hagstones on your beach? The ones with holes in? I love collecting these so if the answer is yes I may come down and live in your sewing nook and force you to become my slave, making me cake to eat and wrens to amuse me when I am too lazy to go searching for hagstones.

  8. The birds are adorable, the more the merrier I say!

  9. The birds are lovely and that beach looks almost warm!

  10. Just noticed your comment on my blog about whether Nick Heyward is still good-looking in a cute way. I think the answer would have to be yes! Although he's probably good-looking in a slightly more rugged, tousled way now. And he doesn't wear 80s clothes... I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions of whether that is a good or a bad thing!

  11. your birdies!
    and your sea views - they're just what I needed to see.

  12. I love your little birds they are so sweet.

  13. I've just 'found' your blog via Lavenderhouse. I love your little wrens. I have had ideas to applique birds onto a tote bag and struggled with getting a 'nice' bird shape, I did not think about actually looking at a good photograph of one! dddrrrrr!!!!
    silly me!
    love your blog

  14. Hi, just popped over via nickynackynoo. Sweet little wrens. nad I like the little doggy in your profile pic.


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