Monday, March 16


While Harry was at his doggy hair stylists having a much needed bath and spruce up we popped to Arundel - again
Tarrant Street had been closed off while scaffolding was being erected… husband came over all inquisitive and discovered that 2 chimneys were going to be taken down as they were dangerously listing…..

Photo: Now you see it....
There is a nice little coffee shop on the High Street that we often frequent – it has a relaxed ambiance and to my delight we found a customer in there who had her dog with her sitting looking up to his mistress obediently. Now I know I may upset some but if a dog is well behaved what is wrong with letting him/her in? I would rather take my chances with the odd dog hair floating about than suffer children running amok while their mothers do nothing……

Photo: That teacake wasn't for me

Photo: It belongs to the fantom hand


  1. I couldn't agree more.
    And I like your new banner.

  2. I love to see dogs in pubs and restaurants. My husband grew up in a pub during the 70's, pre health and safety. They had a Siamese cat who used to sneak up on customers and steal the chicken from their "chicken in a basket" when they were looking the other way.

    I don't suppose that happens nowadays.

  3. mmm...that coffee looks good. didn't you even get a nibble of the teacake? surely the phantom hand shares?!

    now what about a well behaved cat? x

    (how does posh clean harry look now?)

  4. Anonymous9:14 PM

    hear! hear! On the dog front.
    I think it's the Dutch who can bring their dogs anywhere with them. Dogs are accomodated for in every arrangement - such a good idea.

  5. I totally agree, I never did understand why well behaved doggies were not allowed into certain places.
    So are we going to see lovely Harry now that he is all spiffy?

  6. We aquired Jasmine simply because we met a miniature schnauzer in a pub and a pub dog seemed like a great kind of dog to have.
    The reality is a bit different though; as she is fine as long as she is the only dog in the pub - otherwise she feels that it is time for an energetic game of tig.
    Edinburgh buses used to have a sign I'm sure limiting the number of dogs allowed on each bus - perhaps I'm making that up.
    J x

  7. I hope phantom let you have a bite...?

  8. Mothers who do nothing when their kids play up annoy those of us with kids too!

    That tea cake looks awfully good.



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