Friday, March 13


One of the things I always look for in charity shops are scarves – wooly scarves to be exact.
They felt very easily – 40oc wash is usually enough to turn them into the perfect thickness.

Photo: Nut brown felted wool
The downside of machine washing is some of the creasing doesn’t come out….I iron them as soon as they come out of the machine then put them over the radiator to dry.
The other way I felt is by hand – hanging the scarves out to drip dry on the washing line then iron – less creasing but more phaff ing.

Photo: Recent finds
Although finding 100% wool felt is much easier these days the advantage of felting old clothes and scarves is well documented – re-use, re-cycle etc, etc but what I like about it is you are creating a unique piece of material which no one else has; plus you can possess colours that aren’t mainstream.

Photo: Lovely subtle colours
And of course there is the element of producing something which I love; even if I’m not actually making something I am still being creative.


  1. Brilliant idea, I have felted my knitting to make bags but never thought about buying scarves to do so. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Never thought of felting scarves what a great idea. Love the colours in the bottom picture.
    Take care.

  3. i shall keep my eyes out from now on for scarves. yours are such beautiful colours and you are so right about the enjoyment of creativeness in this's not just about the actual finished piece.

    i think i first stumbled across this process years back by accident when i wrecked my then boyfriend (now husband's) favourite jigsaw fairisle jumper in the washing machine. oops forgot to read the label! lord knows how he forgave me and married me (he still points it out on old photos with a tear in his eye)...if only i'd kept it i could have presented him with a bookmark to ease the pain! x

  4. felting wool in the old washing machine is a perfect way to spend never know quite what it will do until you open the door. my washer doesn't have a window in the door so be it felting sweaters or dyeing slips it's always a surprise...

  5. I have a couple of wool jumpers from charity shops, which I am going to felt. Hadn't thought of looking at the scarves before - great idea. Thanks for that. x

  6. Wonderful scarves, thanks for the tip I never thought of looking for wool scarves.

  7. I completely agree that felting sweaters is much nicer than buying new wool felt. Looks like you've got some beautiful colors there!

  8. I'm having a wonderful visit here. Is that your home?? It's adorable. It's my dream to live right on the sidewalk. I have no idea why that's always appealed to me so much, but I LOVE it. I love felted wool too. I'm working on an appliqued quilt of wool right now and am having a wonderful time!



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