Tuesday, March 31

Walking in The Past

Yesterday we took Harry for a walk up Highdown Hill.
Very popular with dog walkers; it is relatively quiet these days compared to its excited and varied past- Iron age fort, Saxon burial ground, alleged resting place of Saxon King Aella – you know he was there with King Arthur at the battle at Mount Badon. Oh, that King Aella…..I looked all this up by the way. And the Romans had baths up there.

Photo: The Usual Suspects - click to enlarge

Anyway it was lovely, perfect – the kind of day that makes me know I could never live anywhere else in the world apart from England.

Photo: May Blossom

Photo: Miller's Grave


  1. I agree there's nowhere quiet like England...
    With what's been going on in the news recently, it hasn't always felt that way...
    P.S. love the the photo detail of 'old couple unrelated...!'

  2. English countryside is just so ... wonderful, isn't it? When you're out in it and sky is blue and the sun is peeping. Fan-bloomin-tastic. x

  3. Anonymous9:16 PM

    I'm sure I was meant to live in England.
    all that history is so interesting.
    Though I never enjoyed it at school.
    Nor sewing.
    Perhaps I've evolved. :-)

  4. Nice photos! Sooo 'English' - nice!
    Your May blossom is further on than here - just beginning to show here.
    xx Vicky xx

  5. What a lovely place for walking. I think I miss England in the Spring more than any other time of year.
    Great pic's.

  6. England certainly does seem to come into its best in Spring. Lovely blossom shot.

  7. You are so right. England is a quite wonderful place. I guess it gets in some people's bones - perhaps even in some bones that have never even been here. I think we all have a leaning towards one place or another.

    Wittering now so will go.

  8. Must have taken them ages to carry the water up the hill....
    I agree about England.

  9. I love the yellow ochre colour of that lichen...really really nice picture! x


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