Tuesday, April 7


Another beautiful spring day.

Photo: The pink beach hut is still for sale.......


  1. Gorgeous photo -- looks brilliant on your header. x

  2. Still for Sale! - Sooo into that we read - you desperately want to win the Lottery??*

    It is so cute!

    x Vicky x

  3. Buy it! Buy it!
    I would love to own one of these (wouldn't we all?). The ones for sale near us in Kent are going for £30,000!!!
    My husband was thinking of buying one for £500.00 in 1980...but he decided not to...boy, is he kicking himself now!
    Beautiful photo...love the new header...x

  4. such lovely colours...perfect with that spring sky. how i wish i could join you and h for a walk on the beach. stuck behind the counter all week here. xxx

  5. Anonymous10:07 PM

    What a beautiful place you to live. You lucky girl.

  6. Anonymous2:48 PM

    is someone starting to think about putting in an offer?? ;-)

  7. It looks heavenly...If you buy it can I rent it for a couple of weeks?

  8. I think you should buy it and then rent it out just to Bloggers! I'm sure it would be full all year round!

    I was sorely tempted by one in Lyme Regis about 10 years ago, when they were almost affordable. Why didn't I progress the idea ...


  9. What an amazing photo. I say buy it, too :)


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